Travel Healthy Tips

When I travel, especially on a mission trip, I really want to document my time. When my wife and I visited Cambodia, I journaled everyday in a small notepad. My wife is a photographer, so she shot as much as she could, everywhere that we went. My background in communication and hers in photography helped us dig into building relationships even when we didn’t speak the language of the people around us. 

When you travel, even inside your own country, my prayer is that you learn something. Shooting good photos can help you learn more when you get home. I know that not everyone is a gifted photographer, but we can try. For the sake of this article, we’re going to assume that you’re working with an extremely basic camera, perhaps a smartphone.  

1)  Pack Healthy.  

Eating different foods at different times of the day can be very hard on your body. Pack healthy snacks such as almonds, peanuts, dried fruit, or granola bars.  These are great on the plane or when you get stuck in the mud while driving to visit a disability program in Malawi.  

2) Get up and move. 

Stretch and maintain healthy posture.  Traveling usually involves long periods of sitting.  Make it a point to stand, stretch, and walk every 1-2 hours to reset your posture to help keep blood flowing and prevent muscle cramps and aches.  Traveling with a light therapeutic stretch band is a great way to add extra options for stretching your shoulders, back and neck.

3) Stay hydrated, but be careful what you drink.

Drink plenty of clean water.  Travel with a 0.5- 1-liter water bottle that is always at least half full except when you are going through security at the airport!  If you are traveling to a community with poor water quality, boil drinking water or travel with chlorine or iodine tablets (Potable Aqua) or a Steri-Pen to purify your water before drinking it.

Bonus: Learn the words. Write them down. This is a post about photos, but learning nuggets of the language help to tell the story shown in the pictures. 

Photo Credits: Tingting Schwartz

About the Author:  Dan Jaspersen is Director of Marketing Communication for Kingdom Workers. Before joining KW, he worked in Global Web-Marketing, International Relations in Asia and studied in South America.