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Kingdom Workers Field Coordinator, Anna Sherod:


☐ Playground border installed

☐ Soft spot in a trailer in the hallway

☐ Install a jungle gym playground

☐ Various dry wall fixes in classrooms

☐ Door sweeps finished (K-2, office doors)

☐ Swamp Cooler vent in 3-5 room installed

☐ Insulation/bat removal for offices/cafeteria/kitchen building

☐ Tin corners finished for cafeteria door facing school

☐ Teacherage Trailer's back porch is getting very weak

☐ Teacherage Trailer’s front steps are crooked

☐ Replace drywall in library

☐ Severe leaks from parsonage skylights

☐ Backstop fence on softball field repaired


Apache Lutheran Mission Maintenance Projects

Peridot -Our Savior’s Lutheran School and teacher housing needs maintenance. Tasks vary in complexity and could be grouped to create a larger project. This project will remain open until all maintenance tasks are completed on the list, so sign up now!

Qualifications: Volunteers who have the skills needed to complete one or more projects that appear on the following list. In some cases, the volunteer will first assess a project and provide an estimate for project cost before specific supplies are purchased.

Cost: Volunteers are responsible for covering the cost of the trip. If volunteers are interested in fundraising, Kingdom Workers will provide a personal gifting site to help focus fundraising efforts.

Housing depends on availability.

Project Details: Contact Kingdom Workers to set up a project schedule based on volunteer availability and project materials needed. Click on “Get Involved” today!

Timeline: This project has flexible dates and will continue until all tasks are completed.

Questions? Please contact Kingdom Workers Volunteer Coordinator, Laura Harstad:


☐ Install air conditioning in brick classroom  

☐ Urinals in boys’ bathroom - flush leaks

☐ The right sink faucet in the boys bathroom is not supported

☐ School window bars need to be repainted and re-anchored.

☐ School & house screens - re-screened for energy efficiency

☐ Paint 1-2 grade room

☐ Paint 3-5 grade room

☐ Sink in girls’ bathroom needs support

☐ Doors re-painted (semi-gloss)

☐ Light fixtures not working in cafeteria, need to be replaced


☐ Washer/dryer needs to be installed

☐ Carpet cleaned

☐ Dishwasher needs replacing

☐ New paneling in kitchen

☐ New blinds

☐ Water pressure/shower walls

☐ Re-shingled


☐ The pipe/valve going up to the swamp cooler in Tufa Stone church replaced   


☐ Replace library air conditioning

☐ Replace ceiling in storage room

☐ House skirt for trailer (on the Storage/Library unit)

☐ Severe leaks from parsonage skylights

Parsonage/Principal’s Residence

☐ Mild leak in storage closet

☐ Dishwasher needs replacing


☐ Leaning and crumbling retaining walls

☐ Security lighting – replace bulbs, correct directions

☐ Fill in water run-off holes around campus

☐ Dugouts replaced

☐ Door handle on Tufa Stone house replaced