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The new church gardens on the White Mountain Apache reservation are intended to be a place for members to gather and work together. The produce from these gardens will be donated to the local Celebrate Recovery program. 

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A quick Q&A interview with one of our volunteers. Read the lessons in ministry that Becca learned during her time on the reservation.

The WELS Apache mission congregations on the White Mountain Apache and San Carlos Apache reservations have over 3,000 members. They are lights among the followers of Apache traditional religion and other sects that seek to water down the gospel.

Apache Lutheran lay members have organized to sing joyfully to the Lord in Apache (their women's choir is a staple at LWMS functions), formed a Celebrate Recovery ministry to fight alcoholism and addiction, coordinated to help the needy, sent their children to Lutheran schools, and continue to come in large numbers to ACTS (Apache Christian Training School) classes. Many of these members are affected by the high suicide, homicide, and substance abuse rates that oppress their communities. In 2014, Kingdom Workers began providing volunteers with the goal of supporting these Apache congregations as they shine brightly in their communities with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Apache Lutheran Mission opportunities are in the areas of mission building repair and facility maintenance, gospel outreach to youth and children, worship music ministry, and community health support. Your prayers are appreciated as we continue to seek opportunities to share God’s love with the lost, alongside our Apache brothers and sisters.

Specific opportunities in need of volunteers are posted on the Opportunities page
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Cultural Considerations:

A short orientation on community culture/demographics/history will be provided for visiting volunteers.

Due to high incidence of alcohol abuse in the surrounding area, drinking alcohol will be highly discouraged on this project. 

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Field Manager: Anna Sherod

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