Housing renovations and repairs on the Apache Reservation

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The Apache Housing Authority has identified several homes in desperate need of repairs. Builders For Christ and Local Volunteers will have a significant impact on these family's health, security and well-being. As with all BFC projects, there are always opportunities to share the Gospel. 

Location: White Mountain Apache Reservation, in Whiteriver, AZ
Dates: Start: March 20 - until the end of April.  
Number of volunteers needed: 10-12

Skills: Experienced handy workers with a heart for serving, equipping others with useful knowledge, and cross-cultural ministry

The Need: Members of the Whiteriver Church have identified a need for home renovations in their community. Because of their remote location and other restraints, many homeowners have asked for assistance but have been wait-listed. We are partnering with the Whiteriver Church to provide volunteers who will assist with this backlog of home repair – an urgent need for many families in the area. This will be an amazing service opportunity to show the Savior’s love to many families.

Anticipated Daily Activities: Volunteers will be spending ~7 hours a day on home maintenance. Some days will include skill demonstration and training of local volunteers. Volunteers may also be engaged in handiwork on-site fixing homes, or there will be some opportunities to volunteer in local church/school libraries. Some volunteers may be asked to support the project through food prep (alongside local church members when possible).

Housing: Visiting Volunteers will stay in the ACTS building or the parsonage. Kitchens and basic amenities will be available. 

Food: Volunteers will be asked to provide much of their own food, but areinvited to join a community meal on Friday night(s). Meals may occasionally be coordinated by the church or project manager.

Costs to Consider: 
Airfare: depends on departure city ($200-$500)
Lodging: free
Food: approx. $8/day for groceries
Local transportation: It is nearly impossible to get around the reservation without a method of transportation. The time it takes to drive to nearby towns ranges from 45 minutes to 3 hours. Rental car or fuel costs should be considered.

TOTAL ESTIMATED COST: Varies greatly depending on city of origin and mode of transportation.

Fundraising resources may be available. Please contact Kingdom Workers for more information.

Other: Tribal permit for hiking ($10) (Optional)

Medical Accessibility:The site is somewhat remote, so there is not easy access to emergency medical care. Those who have serious medical concerns will want to take this into consideration

Cultural Considerations:

Dress on the reservation is generally modest but not fancy except for special occasions. For your own comfort and out of respect for others, we suggest wearing more conservative clothing.

Volunteers should not feel offended if during a group conversation, someone switches from speaking in English to Apache. Many of the elderly speak English as a second language and are simply more comfortable/able to express themselves in Apache.

People talk about time loosely on the reservation. A 1PM meeting may happen anytime in the early afternoon.

Out of love for you and the Apache people, we strongly urge you to abstain from drinking during the short time that you’re present on the Apache mission as a worker for the gospel.

Meanings associated with drinking are different in different cultures and contexts. Here on the reservations, it is associated with drunkenness, lewd behavior, irresponsible parenting, disrespect for the church, and a traumatizing history in many families.

Anna Sherod

Field Manager

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