Kingdom Workers: Apache

East Fork Teacherage Roofing

PROJECT DETAILS: Volunteers will tear off existing shingled roof on a 6-unit apartment building and replace with metal roofing. The size of the roof is roughly 4300 sq ft. After tearing off the shingles, the surface will be inspected and repaired as needed. Synthetic underlayment will be nailed down. Ice and water shield curbing will be applied around six skylights. Eave flash will be installed. Roofing membrane will be applied to three extremely low slope sections. Metal panels will be pre-drilled on the ground before being lifted to the roof and screwed down. Gable cap and ridge cap will be screwed down. Pipe boots will be screwed down on all pipe penetrations. Rubber flashing will be screwed down to form curbs around the six skylights. Six skylight domes will be removed and new ones installed.

GOAL: To lesson maintenance work on the roof in the future, to enable called workers and volunteers to live and serve on the mission.

Where: East Fork, AZ

When: February 16 - Mid March

Number of Trainers Needed: 2-3 skilled volunteers (spouses welcome) 

Lodging & Food:  The ACTS building, on the same mission compound as the building being roofed, will house all volunteers. Volunteers will have access to kitchens with refrigerators, ovens, and other appliances, and the use of a communal washing machine.
Volunteers would also be welcome to come in an RV/Camper. Occasional meals will be provided by East Fork congregation members.

Safety Concerns: The site is somewhat remote, so there is not easy access to emergency medical care. Those who have serious medical concerns may want to consider this. The possibility of vandalism, theft, and other concerns due to location in a rural reservation will mean that safety will be a priority on the project. 

Cost: Volunteers are responsible for covering the cost of the trip. If volunteers are interested in fundraising, Kingdom Workers will provide a personal gifting site to help focus fundraising efforts.

Cost to the volunteer:
  • Travel
  • Food

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Contact: Joyce Beglinger 
Phone: 414-771-6848

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Handyman / Handywoman, Roofing or other carpentry, general construction skill set 

Cultural Considerations:

Volunteers will have pre-trip orientation with the Apache Project Manager, Anna Sherod. A short on-site orientation including information about community culture, demographics, and history will also be provided for visiting volunteers.

Due to high incidence of alcohol abuse in the surrounding area, drinking alcohol will be highly discouraged on this project.  

While on the White Mountain Apache reservation, there are many opportunities for hunting/fishing/hiking (you will need a permit). There is a small museum to visit at historical Fort Apache. The Salt River Canyon, about an hour away from Whiteriver/East Fork, is an impressive natural treasure.