Kingdom Workers: Apache

Christian Family Coaching on the Reservation

Share God’s Message of Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Christian support is needed for those who want to reach out and mend relationships within their own families, but aren’t sure how to do so in a biblically sound way.

The goal is to bring more families into healthy contact with each other and mend the divides that are keeping them away from Christian support and God’s Word. Apache Christians will gain insight into how to work together in harmony, especially within family units that have experienced trauma and conflict.

Volunteers will develop and lead interactive modules on forgiveness and family relationships, conflict resolution, and reconciliation. These classes will be held at ACTS (Apache Christian Training School). 

• Volunteers should be experienced at working with families to resolve difficult issues.
• Some experience in conflict resolution, family therapy, social work, or similar experience is strongly preferred. 
• Cross-cultural experience or experience with survivors of abuse would be very helpful.

East Fork/Whiteriver area on the White Mountain Apache reservation in Arizona

DATES: October - November (project will be completed before Thanksgiving)
Dates are flexible, but volunteers will be asked to coordinate schedules to fill six weeks of classes with the expectation of each volunteer serving at least 8 days.


LODGING & FOOD:  There are dorms and apartments available on-site in East Fork, within walking distance from the project, on a secured campus. Kitchenette will be accessible. Volunteers need to provide their own food.

ESTIMATED COST:  Varies greatly depending on your city of origin and mode of transportation

    • FREE HOUSING: Volunteers will stay in apartments in the ACTS building
    • MEALS:  Volunteers will be responsible for own meals ($8/day), but are invited to join a community meal on Friday evening. (Volunteer can choose to fundraise to cover the cost of groceries)
    • ON-SITE TRANSPORTATION:  Volunteers can either drive to the rural reservation location or fly into Phoenix or Show Low’s regional airport and rent a car.
    • PROGRAM FEE:There is a $50 fee to participate in this program.

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Field Manager: Anna Sherod


CULTURAL CONSIDERATIONS: Out of love for you and the Apache people, we strongly urge you to abstain from drinking during the short time that you’re present on the Apache mission as a worker for the gospel. Meanings associated with drinking are different in different cultures and contexts. Here on the reservations, it is associated with drunkenness, lewd behavior, irresponsible parenting, disrespect for the church, and a traumatizing history in many families.

SAFETY CONCERNS: The site is somewhat remote, so there is not easy access to emergency medical care. Those who have serious medical concerns may want to consider this. The possibility of vandalism, theft, and other concerns due to location in a rural reservation will mean that safety will be a priority on the project.