Rebecca Grove completed six weeks of mission immersion with Kingdom Workers on the Apache reservation to grow in her Christian faith. She spent half her time volunteering at an Apache community farm, and half of her time assisting with Kingdom Worker projects (community gardening and Sunday School mentoring) in partnership with the Whiteriver Lutheran Church and East Fork Lutheran School.

KW: Becca, was your time on the reservation in line with your expectations?

Rebecca Grove: I would tell whoever is coming out here for immersion in the future, ‘Whatever you think you’re going to be doing, stop thinking that!’  Anna [KW Field Manager] did a great job preparing me...emotionally, spiritually, and mentally for what I’d be doing. Not physically [laughter], I don’t know if you can really prepare physically for hours of weeding and ditch digging.

The relationship piece of ministry was something I didn’t have before coming to the reservation. I guess I thought I was going to be weeding 40 hours a week, cutting down trees, bringing ‘babies to Jesus.’ That’s not what ministry is. That’s not what ministry feels like. I don’t know if you can grasp that before you get to the field.

Some days, I would feel like I hadn’t done much, and then I’d realize all the connections and conversations that I’d had that day with people. Building relationships is ministry. 

A few more pictures from the gardens

KW: What’s your advice to help others who might get involved in mission immersion opportunities through Kingdom Workers?

Rebecca: Flexibility is so important. I got to spend my spare time writing and in devotion. Also, volunteers should realize that people are reached in different ways. I was able to reach people by making them laugh, and opening them up in conversation. Reaching people as friends meant that we could invite them to hear the gospel or take a step to get involved in ministry. 

Becca was embedded on the White Mountain Apache reservation for six weeks. She was befriended and mentored by a community very different than her home community in Minnesota!  As a member of the body of Christ, she grew in His love,and  joined the work of the local church. We pray that she will go on to share God’s love boldly wherever she goes. Please pray for Rebecca as she interviews at medical schools this year!

Field Manager: Anna Sherod

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