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L.A.M.B || Lutheran Apache Mission Band

by Anna Sherod, Kingdom Workers' Field Manager

On November 16th, 2014, seven people went on a music mentoring trip from the White Mountain Apache reservation to Crosswalk Lutheran Church in Phoenix, organized by Kingdom Workers. The purpose of the trip was to give guidance and encouragement to Apache members as they considered starting their own band to share the gospel with their community. 

Eight months later, the Lutheran Apache Mission Band (LAMB) is very active throughout the White Mountain Apache Tribe. The band played first at a Lutheran Alcohol recovery group. They have also begun performing regularly at wakes (Apache communities celebrate the life of a deceased relative with a two day-long ceremony), and for special church services. 

Pastor Lupe appreciates the comfort that the Christian music provides to grieving families: “the LAMB is now playing at funeral wakes, and is a true blessing.” LAMB’s set often follows Pastor Lupe’s preaching.  In the future, they hope to play outreach concerts for the community, and to continue in their special encouragement and fellowship to each other. 

After her first practice with LAMB, Olivia Lupe said, "I'm so glad I went to the LAMB's practice earlier I had so much fun singing praises to Jesus my soul is happy. I love my family in Christ!" 

Pastor Sutton from Whiteriver works with LAMB to find appropriate and engaging music. He said, “the music mentoring work has allowed for Apaches to express themselves in worship in a way that also accommodates their cultural values. 

This summer, LAMB is partnering with visiting Kingdom Workers volunteers to bring some free praise music workshops (keyboard/piano and guitar) to the White Mountain Apache reservation. The workshops will be open to all levels of musicians, and will run from July 27th-July 31st.

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