Sunday school mentoring workshops on the apache mission

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Deadline to apply for this project: May 1, 2016

GOAL: To teach and inspire Apache Lutheran Mission members as they bring God’s Word to children in their community.

Location: Various congregations in Whiteriver (East Fork), Bylas, and Cibecue, AZ
Dates: Two consecutive weeks in July 2016 (dates are flexible)
•Please indicate your availability when you apply.

Number of volunteers needed: 2-4

Skills: Volunteers should have taught Sunday School in their home congregations before. The best candidates will have started Sunday School programs or have had experience mentoring teachers. Ideally, volunteers would have some experience with cross cultural friendships/ministry.

The Need: Continuing the work from last year’s Kingdom Worker Sunday School workshops, Apache teachers are looking for mentoring on best practices for leading Sunday Schools and VBS. Congregations are interested in building momentum for forming youth groups, understanding how to incorporate simple music into Sunday school time, and best practices for teaching children. Sunday School teachers with creative ideas and a passion for “teaching teachers” are needed for this opportunity!  

Anticipated Daily Activities: Volunteers will meet with Sunday School teachers to problem-solve specific solutions to local limitations. Volunteers will also lead workshops, demonstrating various VBS activities and Sunday School “best practices.”

Housing: Free housing! There are dorms and apartments available on-site in East Fork. A parsonage in Bylas has a guest room, and Peridot housing is available relatively close.

Food: Volunteers will be asked to provide much of their own food. Meals may occasionally be coordinated by the church or project manager.

Medical Accessibility:The site is somewhat remote, so there is not easy access to emergency medical care. Those who have serious medical concerns will want to take this into consideration


Transportation: Airfare, vehicle mileage, car rental
Please contact Kingdom Workers to discuss travel options and fundraising guidelines.

Food: $8/day

Housing: provided

FUNDRAISING: Volunteers are welcome to fundraise to cover project expenses managed through Kingdom Workers like airfare, local transportation, food, and housing. Kingdom Workers provides many resources to assist volunteers in their fundraising efforts. All funds must be raised or personally donated prior to serving.

Important note: Funds raised on a Kingdom Workers gifting site may not be used for the cost of flight reservations booked directly by the volunteer, car rentals, immunizations, passport, personal items purchased for the trip, or personal living expenses at home while on the mission trip.

Please contact Kingdom Workers with any questions about fundraising.

Read about one of the community assessment tools that we use. 

Read the report from last year's Sunday School project

Anna Sherod

Field Manager

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Cultural Considerations:

Volunteers will have pre-trip orientation with the Apache Project Manager, Anna Sherod. A short on-site orientation including information about community culture, demographics, and history will also be provided for visiting volunteers.

Due to high incidence of alcohol abuse in the surrounding area, drinking alcohol will be highly discouraged on this project.