Part 2: Handling Evolution in Your Witness.

Read About Evolution

Learn the basic story of evolution and a few of the many questionable assumptions on which evolution is based. Include this in your witness if needed (see part 1). Everyone can easily learn a few important points to make. This article series is a good beginning.

I have found that some people blindly accept evolution without even knowing the very basics about evolution. One college student who believed in evolution accused me of making fun of evolutionists, when I said evolutionists claim that matter from imploding stars changed into people, over billions of years, all by itself. Yet that factual summary of the evolution story is used by many prominent evolutionists. Famous evolutionist Carl Sagan said in the original Cosmos TV series, we are all "star stuff."

Examples of Simple Ways to Question Evolution in Your Witness(1)


This author believes that the strongest and easiest way to make arguments against evolution involve questioning the ASSUMPTIONS of evolutionists. Evolutionists base their evolution story on a tremendous number of biased assumptions. Evolutionists normally make reasonable conclusions and use solid science in writing the evolution story, but their biased assumptions often force them to make unreasonable conclusions. Evolutionists sometimes admit that it is a mystery how this or that could happen without a god, but someday they will figure out how. A recent article in the prestigious science magazine Nature proclaims, "œThe origin of animals is almost as much a mystery as the origin of life itself." (2)


A strong all-encompassing argument against evolution involves explaining what science is. Science is an attempt to explain EVERYTHING through natural causes. This is a very basic definition of science, and it is overwhelmingly accepted by the scientific community. This definition has corollaries (consequences). If there is a god, that god could cause things that would NOT have natural causes (miracles). Therefore a scientist MUST reject the possibility of miracles. This works very well in creating our modern technological world. We do not take miracles into account while designing airplanes or cell phones.

The assumption of natural causes is the worst assumption possible when considering origins. The assumption of natural causes means if something is a result of a miracle, then science will NEVER understand its origin. If there is a creator god who made the universe, science will never discover that truth.

Evolutionists START with the ASSUMPTION that there is no creator god. Evolution is the best story which can be constructed without a creator god. If God really did create everything as he reveals in Scripture, then evolution is WRONG, since evolution rejects that possibility regardless of the evidence.

Planet-wide Flood

Floods cause extensive damage.  The year-long global Noachic Flood must have changed the face of the earth. Earth'™s vast quantities of fossils, deposits of coal and oil, and continental-sized sedimentary rock are what would be expected from a flood that covered the entire earth.  Dead ocean creatures are buried by the trillions all over the earth.  Many creationists believe Noah'™s Flood produced most fossils, and that dinosaurs became extinct because they could not survive in the post flood environment.

Sedimentary rock is formed when water (such as a flood) lays down sediments which are then compressed to form rock.  There are sedimentary rock layers, one over the other, all over the earth.  A planet-wide flood would be expected to somewhat sort the fossils it produces by burying bottom dwelling sea creatures together in some rock layers, other sea creatures in different rock layers, smaller land animals in other rock layers, and larger land animals in still other rock layers.  The Noachic Flood sorted fossils according to the ecosystem in which each creature lived, and by the ability of each creature to temporarily escape the flood waters. 

Even though the evidence for a world-wide flood is everywhere, evolutionists must interpret this evidence in other ways, since a global flood would completely change the way evolutionists interpret the age of fossils and rocks.  Evolutionists assume the various fossil containing sedimentary rock layers represent various time periods spanning hundreds of millions of years.   They assume the fossils of bottom dwelling sea creatures are the oldest, and the fossils of large land animals are the most recent.  

 No New Kinds of Animals

God created animals with the ability to have offspring which are bigger or smaller, with longer or shorter hair, and with other changes.  Each kind of animal can develop large variations due to natural selection.  Lions, cheetahs, and house cats are very different, but they may be of the same Biblical kind.  The dozens of species of cats alive today may have descended from one or two pairs of cats on Noah's Ark.  Many cats can interbreed, including lions and tigers, one indication that they are of the same Biblical kind.  It is so easy to see that all cat species may be of the same kind, that a three-year-old child may call all these various cats "œkitty."

No new kinds of animals ever develop, but some kinds such as the dinosaur kinds, have gone extinct.  For evolution to be true, new kinds of plants and animals must develop.  Books on evolution often show a tree of life with one kind of animal turning into another kind.  But there is almost no evidence at all to draw such a tree. Some evolutionists claim the change from one kind to another must have happened very fast, since it left so little fossil evidence.

Biblical kinds of living plants and animals reproduce after their kind.  They are found essentially unchanged in the fossil record.  Only a small handful of transitional forms are found in the fossil record, and each of these is highly questionable.

 Stay Within Your Own Limits

Anyone can use creation apologetics, but everyone must be careful to stay within the boundaries of their scientific understanding.  Do not present a particular scientific argument unless you are sure it is correct. 

 Never Make These Arguments

Some creationists incorrectly claim, "Evolution is ONLY a theory, it is not proven." This shows they know little about scientific terms.  In science, the term "theory" denotes an explanation which is well accepted by the scientific community. "Theory" is an end stage in science.  Theories never become "œfacts" as additional evidence is found.  Scientific theories and laws are never proven with certainty.  Any theory or law may be discarded and replaced tomorrow.(3)

Some creationists incorrectly claim, "œGod created each species, and no new species ever develop."  The modern term "œspecies" is not the same as the Biblical term "œkind."  Most Biblical"œkinds" of creatures include many different species. No new Biblical kind will ever develop, but new species do. All modern species of land creatures would not fit into Noah's ark, but all the Biblical kinds, including the dinosaurs, would easily fit.

(1) Some of these examples are taken from a video; Mark Bergemann, Why Do Some Believe In Millions Of Years?, April 11, 2013.  (accessed February 14, 2015).

(2) Philip C. J. Donoghue, Palaeontology: Embryonic identity crisis,€ Nature 445 (January 11, 2007), 155-156. (accessed February 25, 2015).

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Witnessing in a world where evolution claims "œThere is no God"

by Mark Bergemann
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 Mark Bergemann serves as president of the (WELS) Lutheran Science Institute , and as Evangelism Board chairman at Good Shepherd’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. He holds a BS in electrical engineering.