Part 3: Evolution/Creation –Two Starting Points.

Evolution and creation are two competing explanations of origins. Both share the same observable evidence: the same fossils and rocks, the same plants and animals, and the same stars. Since creation and evolution share the same observable evidence, why do they have completely different explanations of origins?

Let’s begin by reviewing evolution. There are many evolutionary views, but the following evolution story is held by most evolutionists. Much of evolution goes against Scripture. Therefore, we can be certain that those parts of evolution are false, because as Christians, we know that the Bible is true. Sometimes the evolution story can seem compelling, but it is not what it seems. It is a lie. The physical and spiritual world God reveals to us in Scripture is true reality. The imaginary world described by evolution is a fairy tale.(1)

Evolution Story (a claim to truth)

At the beginning of time, 13.7 billion years ago, a very small point rapidly expanded producing time, space, and energy. This is called “The Big Bang.” Over thousands of years the resulting energy cooled, becoming the lightest element of matter, hydrogen. Some of that hydrogen gas was pulled into balls, under its own gravity, to form stars. Some of these first generation stars were large enough to produce heavier elements like iron, which they scattered across the universe when they imploded in supernovae. The matter these imploding stars expelled pulled together to form new stars, and planets formed around them from the remaining matter. Our planet, earth, was formed 4.5 billion years ago. Living things came about naturally from non-living chemicals. The first one-celled life forms gradually changed into all the various plants and animals. Through a process of death and suffering, driven by mutations, animals evolved into new kinds of animals. Ape-like creatures evolved into humans through this same process of death and suffering. Famous evolutionist Carl Sagan said in the Cosmos TV series, we are all “star stuff.” He said this because evolutionists claim that matter from imploding stars changed into people, over billions of years, all by itself.

In the Bible we learn the truth of our origins from the one who was there: from God.

Creation Account (truth revealed by God in Scripture)

At the beginning of time, thousands of years ago, God created time, space, and everything in the entire universe. He did this in six days of ordinary length. During those six days God created every “kind” of plant and animal. [The Biblical “kind” is not the same as the scientific word “species.” There are many species in most Biblical “kinds.”] God made the first two people, Adam and Eve, on day six of creation week. Adam and Eve are the ancestors of every human being, including every one of us. God created a perfect world. There was no suffering or death. People and animals lived in perfect harmony with each other. All animals and all people were vegetarians. Originally Adam and Eve were very happy and content, but this changed when they turned against God. Their rebellion corrupted their entire thinking. We, as their descendants, have inherited this corruption.

When Adam and Eve rebelled, everything changed. They now had evil thoughts and desires, and they did evil things. They no longer loved and trusted God as they had before. Their corrupt thinking (their sin) separated them from God, just as our sin separates us from God. Because of Adam’s rebellion, God cursed the earth, causing weeds to grow. The animals were also affected, and they eventually began to kill each other. Suffering and death entered the world because of the rebellion of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve’s children married each other and populated the world. After many generations the earth became populated with people who did not care about God. Only Noah’s family still worshiped God. After warning the people for 120 years, God flooded the entire earth with water. God saved Noah’s family and two of every land animal, using a large ship called an ark. All the people and land animals alive today descended from the people and animals aboard Noah’s Ark.

Evolutionists use science to write a story about how they think things might have come into existence without a creator god.

Different Starting Points

Creation and evolution are so very different, because creationists and evolutionists hold different beliefs, or different worldviews.

Creation is the view that there is a Creator God as described in the Bible. Creationists interpret observable evidence in light of this.

Evolution is the view that all things came into existence naturally, with no miracles. If there is a god, he had nothing to do with origins. This view is called “naturalism.” Evolutionists interpret observable evidence in light of this. Since evolutionists reject the possibility of a creator god, they use science to write a story about how they think things might have come into existence without a creator god. [There are some Christian scientists who think God used evolution to create everything, but they also write the evolution story as if there were no creator god.]

Scientists who accept Biblical creation do so through faith. When these scientists use their human reason (i.e., use science) to evaluate the evidence, they conclude that this world exists just as one would expect based on what the Bible teaches about creation. They reject any interpretation of evidence which is contrary to Scripture.

Scientists who accept evolution do so through human reason. When these scientists use their human reason (i.e., use science) to evaluate the same evidence, they conclude that evolution is true. They reject any interpretation of evidence inferring creation, such as a young earth or a world-wide flood.

Different Conclusions

The creationist and evolutionist reach completely different conclusions about origins, because they begin at different starting points. The creationist starts with the conviction that there is a Creator God. The evolutionist starts with the conviction that there are only natural causes (that there is no creator god). The creationist and the evolutionist examine the same evidence and use science to reach conclusions. The conclusions of the creationist conform to Scripture, because the creationist rejects any interpretations which do not conform to Scripture. The conclusions of the evolutionist conform to natural (physical) causes, because the evolutionist rejects any interpretations which do not use natural causes.

(1)This evolution story, creation account, and and other parts of this article, are taken from a video; Mark Bergemann, Why Do Some Believe In Millions Of Years?, April 11, 2013. (accessed February 14, 2015)

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by Mark Bergemann
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Mark Bergemann serves as president of the (WELS) Lutheran Science Institute , and as Evangelism Board chairman at Good Shepherd’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. He holds a BS in electrical engineering.