Part 3 Japan
by Laura Harstad
Kingdom Workers
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Pastor Mitsuo Haga – far right

This is the conclusion of a three-part series about our brothers and sisters in Japan. We have followed the personal story of Pastor Haga and will now share current outreach efforts in a country where 1% of the population is Christian. 

The first WELS missionary arrived in Japan in 1957. Now, 58 years later, Pastor Mitsuo Haga continues to bring the gospel message to the people in Japan. Pastor Haga has served Japanese Lutheran congregations since 2003. He has been at his current congregation in Mito for 11 years and has shepherded a mission congregation for three years. This is a unique mission outreach in that all of the members are Filipinos, and Haga leads the service in English!

Pastor Haga’s congregations organize a variety of outreach activities. Every Thursday, they invite children to come, study a Bible story, then play some games together. They have also offered parenting and English classes over the years. During the year, they invite the community to Easter For Kids, Christmas For Kids, and sports events. This last Christmas, Haga’s son invited his soccer teammates, and so many kids wanted to come to their Christmas For Kids event that they had to limit the age group since there were too many to fit! Pastor Haga also offers online Bible studies to congregation members who have moved out of the area. He works tirelessly to build and cultivate relationships saying, “Relationships are very important. If there is no relationship, there is no way to get into the room.” At the Filipino mission congregation, they would love to offer English classes and start a Sunday school, but they lack the manpower to get programs like that going and are excitedly looking forward to the arrival of a Kingdom Worker!

Pastor Haga’s congregations are eager to help the Kingdom Worker’s Field Mission Worker once they arrive. They are already planning different outreach activities, and everyone is ready and willing to do their part – even if that means helping to serve tea at a church event.

Prayer Requests: At this time, Kingdom Workers is faced with the difficult roadblock of identifying a teaching position for our Field Worker candidate that is located close enough to the congregations. Please pray for a job to become available if God wills, so our field worker can acquire a work visa and serve in Japan for many years to come. Also, please pray for wisdom and blessings for the Japanese congregations and for Kingdom Workers as we partner together to implement this new ministry program.

Donations: Any donations given to this ministry will go toward KW Field Mission Worker training and support. 

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