Part 1: Easter: Social Media Plan

by Dan Jaspersen
Kingdom Workers
Director of Marketing Communication
Part 2: Building the invitation
Part 3: Scheduling Posts: Work Ahead
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Here is an example using the Studio Design on an iPhone

EASTER :: Social Media Plan

Easter is coming. Does your church have a social media communication strategy ready for it?
Before we dig into an actual plan, let’s consider a few points
  1. On the global scale, Easter is the highest attended church service every year.
  2. Easter is one of the only services the un-churched will attend in a year.
  3. Your members will invite people to the service if they have the proper tools.
I was speaking with a pastor’s wife regarding some ideas of how Kingdom Workers’ volunteers could be used. We went through many of the standard answers, such as “teach vacation Bible school,” or “canvass neighborhoods.” Eventually, the conversation steered towards her church’s desire to communicate with their community more effectively.
I also asked if the church had a Facebook page and what other social media platforms they were engaging on. The answers were mostly a timid, “we’re afraid to make mistakes and do it wrong.”
Valid concern?
Sort of.
The basic theory on how to use Facebook to spread the word about an event (such as Easter Sunday service) is pretty simple: Make it shareable.
Question 1: On Facebook, what is the most shareable format of content?
  1. Text Post (aka status update)
  2. Video Post
  3. Photo Post
  4. Website Link
Question 2: On Facebook, what is the most engaged with type of content?
  1. Text Post (aka status update)
  2. Video Post
  3. Photo Post
  4. Website Link
Why make it shareable? Because that's how social media is supposed to be used. It’s social, meaning it’s a group thing.
Here’s how it works: An invitation is built with the details of your Easter service (Name of Church, Address, Phone, Website, etc.)
Next, the church communications lead (you should have one of those) posts it to the church’s Facebook page.
Quickly, several member of the church share the invitation onto their own walls.
The invitation is now visible to the friends of those people who shared it - thus drastically expanding the reach of the post.
So - going back to the questions above - what type of post should your invitation be? Hint: Always answer “C.”