Part 2: Quick Invitations on a Smartphone

by Dan Jaspersen
Kingdom Workers
Director of Marketing Communication
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Here is an example using the Studio Design on an iPhone

Quick Photo Invitations On A Smartphone

Method One (Strongly Preferred)
There are dozens of very good apps for smartphones and tablets which allow you to add text onto a photo. Take a nice photo of an Easter lily using your phone, then build the invitation on top of the lovely background. My personal favorite app for this type of work is called Studio.
Method Two (Still Works)
Not comfortable that your skills are up to par on a smartphone? Think about this: you can design the invitation using Microsoft Word on your trusty computer, print it to paper and take a photo of it with your phone. Hint: confine your design to a square. Why? Because it plays more uniform across all web formats on all devices. Trust me on this one.

This second method might seem silly to do this way, but the bottom line is if it works, it works. Sometimes the simplest answer is the best one.

Of course, there are higher quality methods than either of these two, but they require Photoshop (or a similar program), a computer to run it and the knowledge. If you have the option, build the invitation in Photoshop.