Spring 2017 :: Laura Harstad, Volunteer Management

Picture a church. You probably imagine a steeple, maybe a simple white building on a hill, or maybe a giant cathedral with stained-glass windows. Have you been to a church made of storage containers? Like the kind that are covered in graffiti behind a train, but all bolted together with holes cut out for doors, and no steeple. That’s what Holy Cross Lutheran Church* in Germany looked like for years.

In late September of 2016, a team of nine Builders for Christ (BFC) volunteers pulled up to the makeshift church in work clothes with tools in hand. Pastor Wilde’s excitement was contagious as he repeated, "I can't believe I have Kingdom Workers here!"

Ron Wolff, BFC volunteer, says, “We got more out of it than we put into it. We felt like the Holy Spirit was with us the entire time.” The volunteers overcame the language barrier to build together, and both parties were impressed by the other’s dedication. “Our blessings given from God can overflow and bless others. Small congregations can feel isolated, but we were able to encourage each other and build up the body of Christ.” said Wolff.

Most of the project was finished with the help of BFC volunteers, and the congregation made it home by personalizing the final touches. Pastor Wilde said, “Before BFC came, there was no end. We could never have made it alone. It’s not a dome or cathedral, but it’s our place here to serve the Lord. We have a place now, where we really want to invite people to come to hear the Gospel message.” The congregation of Holy Cross now has a much more inviting and comfortable place to worship our beautiful Savior.

*Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Free Church, or Holy Cross ELFK.


In 2015, Builders For Christ added onto a church in Duluth, MN. 

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