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Spring 2016 ::  John Lautz, Builders for Christ Director
*Editor’s note: Harold Schmidt was the project manager. 

Builders For Christ (BFC) is known for doing large church and school projects. However, that is not all they do. Earlier this winter, Kingdom Workers was contacted by St. John’s Lutheran in Glencoe, MN. They had members looking for a daycare center, but there was none to be found in Glencoe.

Some members of the congregation knew of a building for sale that could work as a daycare, but would need extensive remodeling. The church decided to purchase the property to open a daycare for their members and use it as an outreach to the community.

A team of 11 BFC volunteers contributed over 750 hours while working with 11 members of St. John’s.  They completed the remodeling in about three weeks.

We are so blessed to have found such a great group of people that contributed their skills in all different kinds of ways throughout the daycare center. We appreciate all of the Builders for Christ volunteers and don’t know what we would have done without them,” said Katie Rickert, director of Precious Little Blessings Daycare.

Tim Schuth, St. John’s president, said, “‘*Harold the builder' had everything organized for each step of the renovation. Subcontractors were surprised at the quality and speed of the work. The savings these workers made possible on our center were significant, well over $10,000.”

BFC would not exist without volunteers, dedicated project managers, like Harold, and faithful financial supporters. This summer, BFC is undertaking three large projects in Montrose, CO, Cincinnati, OH, and Mt. Pleasant, MI. If you cannot volunteer this summer, winter projects will be posted later this year. Please consider financially supporting the work of these volunteers. Most importantly, please pray that God continues to bless Kingdom Workers’ mission.  

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