Meet Steve and Kim Blado, from Onalaska, WI. They are newer Builders For Christ (BFC) volunteers. They are not retired and do not own a camper as often times people think of BFC volunteers. Their first experience was helping on a project BFC in their area. Then they used some vacation time to work on the 2015 project in Duluth, MN. This summer, they gave two weeks in Cincinnati, OH.   

Why would anyone give their time this way?  Let’s see what the Blados have to say. 

What was your first impression of BFC?
The servant’s heart these volunteers had for what they were doing. You could see the pride they took in what they were doing and the genuine concern they had for each other and the people they were serving. It was obvious that while they were there to help members of a congregation they didn’t even know, they were really there to serve their Lord. The satisfaction of working side by side with these volunteers is so uplifting, it’s hard to describe.

Did you ever feel overwhelmed or out of place?
No, not at all. We felt welcome right off and they never gave us more than we could handle. They were so patient as they taught us how to do things. They made us feel very comfortable.

What brought you back?
We were so inspired by builder volunteers, 15 years older than us, working hard every day with such a strong desire to serve. The Christian fellowship as we worked, ate and prayed together, was like nothing we had ever experienced

What would you tell others about your experience?
It’s unbelievable to work side by side with your spouse as you serve others and our Savior. The satisfaction of a hard day’s work and seeing what you accomplished.  It is hard to leave at the end and they don’t say “goodbye," just “we will see you down the road”.

Who should think about volunteering?
Anyone with a desire to serve. You don’t need any special skills, they will teach you. The team will make you feel welcome and the project manager will never give you something that you don’t feel you can handle. They are very good about pairing you up with more experienced people who will teach you as you go. If you have any desire to serve, just do it, don’t worry you might not fit in – just go. 

What will a new volunteer take away from their time?
The peaceful feeling of serving the Lord. A tremendous satisfaction of work well done and Christian friends for life. It was so easy to do and you don’t need any special skills to do it. We gained as much, if not more than we gave.

Kim, what would you say to ladies thinking about volunteering?
Oh my goodness, there is so much for us to do. We can work on the project, help with meals or help at church. You are never asked to do more than you can handle and the older ladies are awesome mentors. Spending so much time working side by side with your husband is so neat and you take so much away from the trip. It really is hard to leave and you will want to do it again. 

Do you have a heart to serve? Do you have a desire to help others in thankfulness for all God as done for you?
Then you are a Builders For Christ volunteer in waiting and we need you! In early 2017, Builders For Christ will be in North Carolina and the Apache Reservation (Arizona).  Then there will be major projects in Mankato, MN, Menasha, WI and Wauwatosa, WI during the summer.

In 2015, Builders For Christ added onto a church in Duluth, MN. 

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