Kingdom Workers Builders for Christ

Builders For Christ is the construction service ministry of Kingdom Workers

What is Builders For Christ?

Well over 700 Kingdom Workers from 17 states have journeyed to 135 past project sites offering their skills and their faith as Builders For Christ volunteers. Skilled trades people and general handy types come together and work in fellowship with other Christians to provide a community with a needed facility. Builders For Christ volunteers stay for a few days, weeks, or for the entire length of the project (up to three to four months) depending on the type and size of the structure. Individuals of various skill levels are needed, from construction manager to general laborer.” 

Who does BFC serve? BFC partners with churches that are part of the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference (CELC = a group of 25 Lutheran church bodies around the world of which the WELS and ELS are members). 

When should a congregation contact BFC for help?
 Start early! Typically, BFC is scheduling projects 12-18 months out and starts working with a congregation 1-2 years before construction begins.

What work does BFC do?
BFC provides general volunteer labor and acts as a subcontractor for the congregation’s general contractor or construction manager. BFC is not able to design, act as a general contractor, or supply material. 

All Builders For Christ Volunteers must be familiar with the safety guidelines and procedures in addition to the Kingdom Workers Volunteer handbook prior to working on a job site. Please review these materials before traveling to a project site.

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Who benefits from a Builders For Christ project? Obvious answers may be “the congregations we partner with” or “the Kingdom Workers Builders For Christ volunteers.” Builders For Christ projects do help increase ministry capacity for the future, but just as important, our volunteers are witnessing directly to people in the surrounding community.

Here’s one example of a man who come in contact with a Builder and heard the gospel:
"At Shepard of the Hills in Duluth, a water heater went out on one of our BFC campers. The repair man came on a Sunday, letting us know we would be paying a special charge for the off hours trip and work. When he arrived, he was surprised to see not one camper but a full campsite. He asked if we had permission to have this campsite at the church. Our project manager told him we indeed “had permission” and filled him in. The repair man couldn’t believe all these people were bringing their campers and volunteering to do this work for the love of their Savior. As he continued on with his repair work, the conversation continued. When he was done, our project manager asked him about the bill. His reply, “if you people can give up so much of your time to work here for nothing, I can do a little bit too.” We pray a seed was planted and the Holy Spirit makes it grow." 

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Builders For Christ Director: John Lautz

Kingdom Workers Volunteer Handbook

Builders For Christ Safety Guidelines