Kingdom Workers Cameroon

Serve in Cameroon!

Lead discussion groups to identify new opportunities in Cameroon



Two volunteers are needed to teach English for two weeks and meet with focus groups to complete a community assessment.

GOAL: Complete 3-4 focus group discussions to gain information concerning the needs of the community and the resources that the church has to meet those needs. The results will help identify possible future outreach projects in Cameroon.

VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES: Conduct a 2-week English conversation class that addresses the language-learning needs of the church and community members.

COST:  Volunteers are responsible for covering the cost of the trip. To help focus volunteers’ fundraising efforts, Kingdom Workers will provide a personal gifting site for the volunteer.*


WHERE: Mbemi, Kumba, and Konye – Southern Cameroon

WHEN: September 6-27, 2015


LODGING & FOOD: Volunteers will be serving in different locations. At one location, the volunteer may stay a few nights in the village. Some nights will be spent with the missionary and some in local guest housing. Some meals will be provided, and volunteers are asked to pay for any other meals.

IMMUNIZATIONS:Volunteers will need to be up-to-date on routine vaccinations and should receive Malaria Prophylaxis, Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Polio, and Hepatitis A. ( Volunteers are fully responsible for the cost of immunizations and should research this cost before committing to a Kingdom Workers mission trip. Check with your doctor and your insurance provider for more information.

 *Funds raised on a Kingdom Workers gifting site may not be used for the cost of immunizations, passport, personal items purchased for the trip, or personal living expenses at home while on the mission trip.

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4-year BA/BS Degree, its equivalent, or higher
Formal/informal teaching experience
Native English speaker
Friendly and engaging personality
Active faith and church life – in fellowship with CELC (of which the WELS and ELS are members).
Enjoys working with adults
Cross-cultural experience
Ideal for current/retired educators in public health, social sciences, ESL, etc

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