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Charitable Planning

Kingdom Workers and the people served by KW volunteers rely on the gospel-motivated generosity of thousands of donors every year. We endeavor to thank every donor and ensure each person feels connected to the impact their financial gifts have on the people reached and served through Kingdom Workers. We also pray for all our donors weekly, giving thanks and praise to our Lord for the kind gifts, and asking the Lord to continue to bless all the individuals and families who enable this mission work with their gifts.

The Board of Directors and staff of Kingdom Workers have given time and energy in thought and prayer, searching for opportunities to better serve our donors, while also sustaining the mission of Kingdom Workers. In this process we have recognized that less than half of Americans have an estate plan, much less a charitable estate plan. Kingdom Workers is now offering all donors the opportunity to explore estate planning tools as a service of our ministry.

All of us are donors at death. Another way to say this: All of us at death return to the Lord everything he has given us to steward during our time of grace. Charitable estate planning enables intentional decisions which benefit the donor, the donor’s family, and any ministry the donor chooses.

Kingdom Workers has partnered with Christian Charitable Planners to provide this service.Christian Charitable Planners (CCP) is a truly independent Christian organization, deliberately unaffiliated with any Church body or financial institution. CCP was designed for two purposes, 1) To serve God, 2) To serve God’s people. Together, we wish to offer education and ideas as a free service, with no hint of obligation. Every donor is encouraged to include their financial planner or attorney in the conversation if they choose.

The only promises we make are the process will be fun, new information will be discovered, and all of our actions and conversations will be God pleasing! No matter how you view your level of financial means, or where you wish your final gifts to have an impact, we would love to serve you and give you another opportunity to serve people worldwide with the gospel of Christ.