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2015 Christian Leadership Experience

Kingdom Workers is teaming up with Time of Grace, The Lutheran Home Association, Grace In Action, Truth in Love Ministries and The Antioch Foundation to produce an event geared toward member ministry and building up stronger leaders in our congregations. The Christian Leadership Experience will feature speakers from inside Kingdom Workers' organization along with experts in lay leadership and secular professionals. There are workshops specifically design by and for women. Sessions led by successful business people on how to implement certain concepts for a congregation to use as they consider stewardship issues. Help with securing funding, designers and workers for a building project. The full list of speakers and topics is available [HERE]

Whether you are a veteran KW volunteer, or brand new to Kingdom Work, we encourage to join us in Scottsdale, AZ in January.

It is the calling of all Christians to grow, lead and impact the spread of the Gospel accrording to their talents.