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Building up God’s kingdom

Well over 700 Kingdom Workers from 17 states have journeyed to 135 past project sites offering their skills and their faith as Builders For Christ volunteers. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, and general handy types come together and work in fellowship with other Christians to provide a community with a needed facility.

Builders For Christ volunteers stay for a few days, weeks, or for the entire length of the project (up to three to four months) depending on the type and size of the structure. Individuals of various skill levels are needed, from construction manager to general laborer.

Help serve God’s kingdom by building church facilities where they are needed. Cannot personally get involved? A gift of $200 can purchase fuel for towing a tool trailer to the next job site. $100 can replace power tools as needed. Give to Builders For Christ.

Friendships are formed, faith is exercised, and a Christian community benefits and grows.

Builders For Christ helps WELS congregations organize and provide skilled workers who will build facilities at a reduced cost. Local congregations provide help where possible – general labor, cleanup, serving meals, etc. Kingdom Workers provides the experience and people committed to faith and service. Mission service may bring you to rural Tennessee or suburban Atlanta.

Volunteers supply their own hand tools and Kingdom Workers provides larger power tools and equipment. Many volunteers provide their own housing in campers or an RV at the project site.

Note there are jobs for those who are not as anxious to climb a ladder. Many couples volunteer and spouses help organize the tool trailer, keep nail guns clean, serve meals, or whatever else is needed to keep the team working.

Kingdom Workers become part of the family of the congregation they serve and they become part of a very special fellowship of Builders For Christ. Why not you? Look at the list of upcoming project sites and for more information contact Kingdom Workers’ Builders For Christ at (414) 771-6848.  We carefully assess our pool of volunteer talent and schedule workers to get the project accomplished on schedule and at the lowest cost.

Do you have experience as a construction Project Manager? Project Managers are instrumental to any building project and are in high demand. Kingdom Workers is always looking for individuals with this special skill to match up with a project that we know is in the planning stages. If you are such a person and are ready to serve, we are looking for you.

If you are unable to get involved personally in Builders For Christ, financial support is needed.

A $200 gift can purchase fuel for towing a tool trailer to the next job site. $100 can purchase a power tool and $50 can purchase an assortment of supplies.

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For more information, contact John Lautz, Builders For Christ Director, at or (414) 801-9418.