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Dan Jaspersen: Director of Marketing Communication
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WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM WORKERS website resource page.

The purpose of these pages is to help your congregation’s members get involved in ministry work around the world. Since its founding, Kingdom Workers has had a focus on creating mission opportunities for lay members inside of our fellowship. Throughout scripture, we are commanded to “Go and make disciples of all nations.” We carry the Gospel into the world with a sense of urgency because … well … souls are at stake. 

FAST, EASY One Time Set-Up

About 10 minutes of very basic editing to your website will get you up and running.

Step 1: Look through the banner sizes [HERE] and select one that fits nicely into your website. 

Step 2: Copy the HTML snippet next to the banner you want to work with

Step 3: One your website, add the HTML to the space your designated 

Step 4: Pour yourself some lemonade, because you’re done.  


1: The banner image itself is hosted on Kingdom Workers’ server. The code is “calling” it from our files to your website. 

2: The HTML has a link to Kingdom Workers’ Volunteer Opportunity page. We want to create as sleek of a process as possible to get people engaged. 

3: There are basic tracking commands in the HTML which help Kingdom Workers’ Marketing team see where web traffic is coming from. Absolutely no personal data is being collected by these tracking codes. It is simply pointing out which website a person clicked from. 

4: Periodically, Kingdom Workers’ Marketing team will change out the banners in the server. The images on your website should automatically update when this happens. The goal is to keep the information on your websites as current and relevant as possible.