To learn more about Kingdom Workers and if you are interested in volunteering, read through this comprehensive list of frequently asked questions. 

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Q: What is Kingdom Workers?
A: Kingdom Workers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to share the Gospel through sustainable programs that serve the needs of people in communities around the world. Kingdom Workers works with people like you to learn what people in their local community need. Then we help build the capacity to address the need through the members of the local church, integrating the new service with the Gospel and love of Jesus. This work is done through the efforts of full and part-time staff, local field workers and ministry partners, and thousands of volunteers. 
As a non-profit, Kingdom Workers depends on contributions and grants to be able to continue in its mission of sharing the Gospel.

Q: Where in the world is Kingdom Workers?
A: In 2018, Kingdom Workers served in eightdifferent countries: Malawi, Chile, Grenada, Japan, Indonesia, USA (including the Apache reservations), Nigeria, and Ethiopia.

Q: What are examples of Kingdom Workers projects?
We work with partners around the world to help them make an impact on their community while sharing the Gospel. Projects include community gardens and housing rehabilitation on the Apache reservations, disability ministry in Malawi, building and remodeling churches through Builders For Christ, teaching English in Chile and Japan, and building care networks around families in the USA.

Q: Who are Kingdom Workers’ partners in the Gospel?
Kingdom Workers partners with churches that are part of the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference (CELC = a group of 35 Lutheran church bodies around the world of which the WELS and ELS are members). These partnerships result in mobilizing local church members and visiting volunteers to serve people in those specific communities while sharing the Gospel. 

Q: How does Kingdom Workers support our partners?
Kingdom Workers…
 - Helps local partners develop sustainable ministry programs
 - Recruits and supports volunteers as they assist partners in their ministry programs
 - Works with ministry partners to empower local ownership of programs
 - Gathers impact data and tracks long-term results for each program

Q: How can I donate to support the work of Kingdom Workers? 
You can contribute online [HERE], or you can mail a check to:
     Kingdom Workers
     N19W24075 Riverwood Drive 
     Suite 200 
     Waukesha, WI 53188

Contributions can be for specific programs or to support the work of Kingdom Workers in general.

Q: Where can I go to find more information?
A: Website:

VOLUNTEERing :: faq

Q: I’ve never volunteered through Kingdom Workers before. What can I expect?
A: Expect to learn, meet amazing people, and be part of impactful mission programs happening around the world! Kingdom Workers will help guide you every step of the way. Whether you are driving one hour or flying 15 hours to volunteer, we will provide essential information and answer any questions that you have. Our Mission Services team has been trained in volunteer administration and is prepared to help with anything from travel logistics to visa applications. 

Q: Can I send a group of volunteers from my church or school?
A: Absolutely! Many of our Kingdom Workers projects require a group of volunteers to serve together on a team. Your school or congregation could “adopt” a Kingdom Workers project and provide the entire volunteer team. We would also encourage groups to consider a long-term partnership with a specific mission project. This could include sending multiple teams to that project site, supporting that project through prayer and contributions, and serve your community in new ways based on what is being learned through the partnership. Staying connected to a specific community develops deeper relationships; helps uncover deeper needs for prayer, support, and service; and has a more long-term impact on the Kingdom – both on those who are serving and on those being served. Fill out this form to get the process started: Group Interest Form.

Q: What are ways that volunteers can get involved through Kingdom Workers?
A: Volunteers can serve just a few days up to a few years. There are opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels to volunteer. Some projects simply need volunteers with a willing heart to serve. Other projects need volunteers with specific skills to provide training for local leaders. Volunteers also have the opportunity to simply be immersed in a mission field and focus on learning and growing in cultural awareness. Kingdom Workers volunteer coordinators do their best to match the skill level of the volunteer with the skills needed for each project. 

Q: Why should I volunteer?
A: Volunteering through Kingdom Workers provides opportunities to encourage and support our brothers and sisters in Christ while sharing the Gospel together in communities around the world. Volunteering also provides opportunities to show Jesus’ love and kindness through community service and outreach. Many volunteers also make life-long friends and experience new cultures.

Here are some quotes from volunteers about their experience:
    “This experience helped me to love teaching children about their Savior. I want to have more experiences to share God's love with kids." (Sophie)  
    “This trip has encouraged me to pursue other ways of helping out in my church and other churches around the synod. It has encouraged me to continue to be involved with activities that may create relationships that could lead others to Christ.” (Claire)
   “Serving through Kingdom Workers has helped me understand more the need for outreach, which can help me think of new ideas where I can help both at my church or within my community." (Hailey)

Q: Who can volunteer and at what age?
A: Christians of all ages who are motivated by the gospel to serve others through local Lutheran ministry partners. For volunteers under the age of 18, Kingdom Workers requires that a chaperone serves as a volunteer alongside them during the mission project. (Exceptions might be a building site as there are some age restrictions due to safety concerns.)

Q: How do I volunteer?
A: Volunteer opportunities are posted on the Kingdom Workers website: Share your interest in volunteering by completing the online Kingdom Workers Application. You will be contacted by a Kingdom Workers Mission Service Coordinator with information about what to do next. Depending on the project, there might be an essay to complete or an interview process. Don’t worry! We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step!

Q: How much time will be spent working on the mission project each week?
A: On average, Kingdom Workers volunteers spend 30 hours/week on the project. This can include prep time. Congregations are encouraged to keep volunteers busy with meaningful service outreach activities. 

Q: What can I expect if staying with a host family?
A: Host families will be church members of the congregation you are working with. They are generously offering free housing and meals for volunteers. Host families are at all ages and stages of life. There might be children at home, or they might be retired. Regardless of the host family, you will likely get to know them very well and might become life-long friends. You may share a room with another volunteer (same gender), or you might have your own room. This will vary by host family. Host families will be happy to help you learn about their unique community and want you to have a great experience during your volunteer service. If you feel uncomfortable or have a concern, you can always contact Kingdom Workers for help and guidance. 

Q: What if I don’t know any of the other volunteers on my team?
A: Going on a mission trip might be nerve-wracking if you signed up individually. However, you are usually part of a team and will quickly get to know your teammates. You will also meet many wonderful Christians at your host congregation as well as building relationships with people in the community you are serving. Not sure how to talk to someone new? Just ask questions! It’s that easy .

Q: I’ve never applied for a passport before, what do I do?
A: Follow the information on this website: you still have questions, please contact Kingdom Workers, and we can help you through the process.

Q: What if I need a visa for my trip?
A: Visa requirements vary by country, and Kingdom Workers will provide the necessary information if a visa is needed. Visa fees are included in the total trip cost.

Q: What vaccinations will be required?
A: Immunizations vary by country. This information will be provided to volunteers and is usually included in the project description. The cost of immunizations will need to be covered by the volunteer.

Q: Do I need to apply for additional health insurance if traveling outside of the country?
A: If you are serving on a short-term project, Kingdom Workers has you covered! All Kingdom Workers volunteers are covered under emergency travel insurance. This provides coverage in the case of medical, personal, travel, or security emergencies while serving on a Kingdom Workers mission trip.

Q: I’m not sure what to do for transportation, can you help?
A: Absolutely! We are happy to talk through different options and share ideas. 

Q: What if I need to park my car at the airport while I’m gone?
A: The volunteer will need to make these arrangements and cover this cost.

Q: Can people from outside the U.S. volunteer with Kingdom Workers?
A: Absolutely! There are opportunities for everyone to serve!

Q: How far in advance should I apply to participate on a mission trip?
A: Volunteers are encouraged to apply six months to one year in advance for mission trips outside the U.S. and Canada and two to six months in advance for mission trips within the U.S. and Canada. Contact Kingdom Workers if you are interested in a mission trip. Application deadlines will be listed on each opportunity.

Q: Do I need to be able to speak the local language?
A: There are a few Kingdom Workers projects that require fluency in another language. However, for most projects, English is the common language.

Q: Should I contact the host congregation?
A: A volunteer coordinator has established a relationship with each host congregation and will communicate information regarding volunteers and trip planning. Please do not contact the host congregation before being introduced by a Kingdom Workers Mission Service Coordinator.

Q: Can I go sightseeing and traveling while I serve on a mission project?
A: A Kingdom Workers volunteer is expected to be involved with the mission project at least six hours a day/five days a week. If there is additional time, volunteers might choose to participate in a local activity with their host family or local congregation members.


-Project Specific -

Volunteer service longer than 10 weeks will follow individual support raising expectations determined by KWProgram Managers.


(Not including Builders For Christ)



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