North america ::short-term missions
(1-4 weeks)

If you are interested in volunteering for a short-term project in North America, please read these policies carefully.

Contact Kingdom Workers for more information.

Q: When should I book my flight?
A: We know that you are excited to start your volunteer service, but do not book your plane ticket until you receive a “travel approval” email from a Kingdom Workers volunteer coordinator.  Kingdom Workers will provide important information about travel dates and times. Once volunteers receive the green light, they may reserve their ticket. This will ensure that volunteers arrive on-site at the date and time expected by the congregation.
Volunteers will be asked to submit a copy of their flight itinerary to Kingdom Workers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Plane tickets can cost anywhere from $250-$800. This depends on the time of year, location, and availability. It is recommended that volunteers research this cost while applying for a specific mission project. 

Q: I've never reserved a plane ticket before. Can you help?
A: We are happy to connect you with a travel agency that can walk you through every step of the process.

Q: How much is the program fee?
A: All short-term volunteers serving in North America are asked to pay a $50 non-refundable program fee.

Q: Why is there a program fee?
A: As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, there are real costs associated with running mission programs and providing volunteer support and management. Program fees paid by a volunteer help cover some of the costs associated with developing opportunities to serve and mobilizing volunteers around the globe. Without covering these costs, Kingdom Workers would not be able to continue the mission programs that are sharing the Gospel and serving needs. (Program fees are non-refundable.)

Q: When do I pay the program fee?
A: A payment deadline will be provided based on the date of your initial application. Payment is required to secure your spot on a Kingdom Workers project. The easiest way is through our Program Fee Payments page. You can also submit the payment by check to the Kingdom Workers office. 

If Kingdom Workers does not receive the program fee by the given deadline and no prior arrangements have been made with the Kingdom Workers office, the volunteer’s spot on that team will be forfeited. The program fee is non-refundable, but volunteers may choose to apply the program fee to a different mission trip served later that year in North America.

Q: How do I raise support for my trip?
A: Kingdom Workers will help you set up an online gifting site and will provide support raising tools and tips. 
Support Raising is a great way to spread awareness about the Kingdom Workers project to your friends, family, and community. Many volunteers have raised the majority of their project expenses this way!