Cross of Christ || Boise, ID

Cross of christ || Boise, ID

by Megan Moll, Collin and Logan Beier, Isaac and Lukas Heckmann, and Isac Veers, Kingdom Workers Volunteers

On our mission trip to Boise, Idaho, we served as coaches at the local church's annual soccer camp. As the church is located in an area very heavily populated by Mormons, most of the 150+ children at the camp do not belong to a Christian church, let alone the local WELS church. Each day included a daily devotion, which was used to relate goals in the game of soccer to our goal of heaven and to teach the campers a song about what Jesus has done for us. As the week went on, we found that many children who didn't even know what the word devotion meant gradually became more and more excited to learn about Jesus every day.

At one point during the week, Pastor Zimpelmann shared with us a conversation he had with a mother of one of the campers. She explained to Pastor that she was a Mormon, but has been continually drawn to Cross of Christ Lutheran Church over the last few years as her children had attended many of their camps and Vacation Bible Schools. She went on to say that her Mormon church made God very complicated due to the vast number of things they were told they had to do in order to gain heaven. In comparison, Cross of Christ made God simple.

 Overall, we had a great trip, in which we were able to reach out to the local community and share the Gospel, not only with the campers, but also with their parents.

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