Beautiful Savior | Calsbad, CA

Beautiful savior || Carlsbad, cA

David Wittkamp, Maria Murray, Anthony Fobes, Amber Grim, Noelle Gates, Samuel Dettman, Lyssa Matsche, Alexander Hoenecke, Jessica Owens, Hannah Walther || Kingdom Workers Volunteers

PROS of the outreach experience at Beautiful Savior:

- leading vacation Bible school members as a crew leader; sharing the Lord's Word with memorable daily messages; participating in engaging lessons, activities, songs; praying together; inviting VBS families to church

- preparing food for others; preparing for the church's Mothers Program; canvassing through the local neighborhood

CONS of the outreach experience at Beautiful Savior:


These experiences provide perspective on how to share the Word with children, making it easy to follow, interactive, and memorable. The benefit is that families will learn about God's love, and continue to spread with others. This program instills the message that "God has the power to provide, comfort, heal, forgive, and love us forever." It is very straighforward and simple; you just have to take initiative. Anything is possible with Him, and we can use our time and talents to serve and love others daily, which gives peace within ourselves. 

- Jessica Owens -

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