Lamb of God, Columbus, OH

lamb of god || columbus, oh

by Ashley Weihert, Kingdom Workers Volunteer

Story 1:

We had the privilege of serving Lamb of God Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio. This is a congregation of a little over one hundred members. This summer they hope to reach out to more of their community through a Vacation Bible School, Fine Arts Camp, 4th of July parade, and a community event that happens at the end of every month. During our first week here we have been involved with planning for the VBS and Fine Arts Camp.

In addition to planning for the outreach events, we worked to make the church’s website easier to navigate and more informative for non-members. We were also involved in designing a number of flyers and postcards to hand out while going door to door. The majority of the flyers were handed out that first weekend when we joined a number of members of Lamb of God in canvassing neighborhoods around the church.

Lamb of God has many good outreach ideas and we are excited to help them throughout the summer!       

Story 2:

We were given the opportunity to participate in a soccer camp, run by Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, which is a sister church to Lamb of God. Lamb of God wanted to have us get out to the four other churches in the area to gain more experiences.  Beautiful Savior is located in Grove City, which is right outside of Columbus. At this camp we got to be the coaches and teach children about different types of soccer skills.  Ashley led a group of five year-olds, while Kris led a group of six and seven year-olds.

Along with learning soccer skills the children also got to hear God’s Word every day during a daily devotion.  After the last day of camp, we also attended a picnic at the church. There was a great turnout for this as well, which gave the congregation a chance to give families more information about their church.  It was a fun week being able to teach soccer skills to these children, but more importantly it was good that the children got the opportunity to listen to God’s Word every day!   

Story 3:

Lamb of God Lutheran Church participated in a street fair called Fourth Fridays. This fair took place in the nearby town of Westerville. Lamb of God had a booth along the street, where people would walk by while going from booth to booth. Members of Lamb of God, the pastor, and ourselves handed out information about the church and the camps the church will be having. There were also free water bottle giveaways and a free drawing for a car emergency kit. The water bottles had information about the church and camps inside them. This was a good way to give information about the church to more people.  

To assist in this event we helped prepare materials to hand out, set up the booth, and hand out information during the event itself. It was raining on and off during the fair, so the turnout was not as big as expected. However, we were able to make contact with many of the people that were there. There were a number of families who seemed interested in our upcoming camps for children. Even with the rain, this event proved to be a good way to reach out to additional people in this community!


Ashley Weihert

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