Abiding Grace, Covington GA

Abiding Grace || Covington, GA

by Josiah Nommensen, Kingdom Workers Volunteer

This week on Sunday was the ordination for the pastor at Abiding Grace's new location in Henry County Georgia. Both the pastor and vicar were unavailable to preach and Pastor Steenbock was still a candidate for the ministry so Pastor Scharf put together a hymn service. Colin served as the liturgist and I played the piano. The service showed how hymns can preach the word of God. 

After the service we started to prepare the church for the ordination service. We set up extra chairs in the sanctuary and changed the altar cloths to red for the ordination service. But most of our day was spent preparing the food. It involved rotating the hams in and out of the oven. We also prepared the vegetable trays and about six bowls of fruit salad. 

The ordination service took place and now we have a new Associate Pastor to serve at Abiding Grace's new Henry County location.


Josiah Nommensen

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