Peace | Eagle River AK

Peace || eagle river, ak

Brian Knepprath, Luke Rosenbaum, Kathryn Marquardt, Zachariah Thooft || Kingdom Workers Volunteers

This summer in Alaska was a tremendous blessing. I was able to spend ten weeks in a completely new and completely AWESOME place! We were treated generously everywhere we went, and were shown around to so many amazing places. We were privileged to enjoy mountains, lakes, glaciers, forests, waterfalls, rivers, and the ocean. We got to experience wildlife in their natural habitat, from bison to moose, caribou to bears, eagles to fish, and so much more. I could stop writing right there, and it would seem like I had the best summer of anyone. But that doesn’t even touch the coolest part!

The ten weeks of the summer were spent traveling between four different churches and a summer camp. Each location presented new people, new situations, new challenges. More important, each location presented a new opportunity to tell the good news of salvation to people who had never heard it before. Door-to-door surveys of the community around Faith (in Anchorage) and Grace (in Kenai) led to lengthy doctrinal conversations with confirmed Christians and adamant agnostics alike. Vacation Bible schools at King of Kings in Wasilla and Peace in Eagle River led to uninhibited exclamations of the gospel from the lips of children. Camp Luther allowed children, churched and unchurched alike, to come together and have one of the best weeks of their lives under the umbrella of God’s Word. Camp Basic allowed people with mental disabilities to participate in activities with their peers and learn more about what their Savior has done for them. That’s not to mention the soccer camps, the Friendfests, the Bible studies, the hikes, the lake trips – all times and places where we were blessed with the opportunity to let our light shine.

We had one family for sure at Camp Luther that was unchurched, six families talked to Pastor after our soccer camp in Anchorage, and at least one family joined the school in Kenai after our soccer camp there. At least one of the families from the VBS in Wasilla was unchurched and at least another half dozen from the one in Eagle River.

God blessed us with the ability and opportunity to plant the seed of his Word in the Alaskan community. With time and the continued work of the amazing people that God has placed in his Church in Alaska, that seed will be nurtured in some into trees of faith. What pure joy this thought gives!

Luke Rosenbaum

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