Crown of Life - Fort Myers FL

Crown of Life || Fort myers, FL

by Megan Schoch & Kailynn Lovett, Kingdom Workers Volunteers

It is always nice to have a little switch up in routine and be able to try new things with the kids. This last week we focused on the Bible story of the prophet Joshua and the march around Jericho. Kailynn and I were blessed to have been able to do a video on this particular Bible story back in high school. It gave us some ideas for the kids. We split them up into two groups, and we each did our own video with the groups. They loved it. They got to actually be a part of the story which helps them to remember it more as they are using more of their senses and are being active participants. The videos turned out well, and we all had tons of fun in the process of making them.

Megan Schoch

Merry Christmas in July! This was the theme for our week. It was amazing to hear the kids say that the most important part of that time of the year is our Savior's birth and not receiving presents. We are not able to be here at Crown of Life during this wonderful season, so to be able to celebrate it now is a blessing. Jesus coming to this earth was the beginning of God's plan to save all sinners. It is a blessing and a joy to be able to celebrate and be reminded of this year-round. The kids enjoyed decorating their Christmas tree, and it was great to watch them work together. They were super respectful and patient throughout the process.  We were overjoyed to share this special time of the year with them, even if it was five months in advance.

Kailynn Lovett & Megan Schoch

Happy Easter! Jesus has risen! Alleluia! What a blessing to be able to celebrate Christ's resurrection after celebrating his birth two weeks ago. The kids know a lot about these stories, but it is always good to go over them again and keep them in our hearts as a constant reminder of Christ's love. We got to expand on the story all week, and the kids got to have their own mini Lenten week in the middle of summer! For a fun activity we dyed Easter eggs and then got to eat them. We also made Resurrection Rolls for our cooking activity during the week. It was a fun way to tell the story of the resurrection. You take a marshmallow, which is white to represent Christ's perfection, and we dipped it in melted butter. That was the oil which anointed Jesus body along with the spices, sugar and cinnamon. Then his body was wrapped in linens which was our biscuit. After baking in the oven, the marshmallow melted and left the middle empty representing the empty tomb after Christ's resurrection. Who knew such a delicious treat had such a powerful meaning? 

Megan Schoch

One of the many blessings of spending our summer in Florida was not only getting to teach the kids, but also being part of a congregation. The members are so welcoming, and it was a joy to be able to get to know them as well. The majority of the members of the congregation are retired people that have moved south. So being there was like getting a bunch of adopted grandparents for the summer. We got to enjoy many Sunday afternoons in fun fellowship with them. We spent a few afternoons playing Hand & Foot, a popular card game.  They were always telling us what a blessing it was for them to have us, but really it was a blessing for us. We learned a lot through our summer camp experience and participating in church functions. We got to meet some amazing brothers and sisters in Christ whom we will get to spend eternity in heaven with someday. We can travel halfway across the country, and still God's Word is being taught in its truth and purity. What a blessing for Christians everywhere to know. We can travel away from home and our family, but we are never traveling away from God and our spiritual family.

Megan Schoch

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