Zion, Gainesville FL

zion || Gainesville, fl

by Kathrine Peterson, Rebekah Stahmann, and Meghan Martinez, Kingdom Workers Volunteers

One person that I encountered while canvassing was an elderly woman who considers herself a Lutheran. As my canvassing partner and I began talking with her about the church and common Bible stories, we learned that her idea of the Bible is very, very different than our WELS perspective. She was convinced that Jesus was not perfect, and that not all of the Bible is in fact true. Some specific examples of her views were: that Jesus MUST have had some sort of sexual relations, that he was most likely married, and that much of the New Testament was not accurate (even the resurrection was far-fetched in her opinion). We respectfully disagreed and shared the gospel that Jesus was perfect, and had died and risen for every single one of us. She processed this thought for the rest of our conversation, which mostly consisted of small talk and a short survey. The one thing she said over and over again was “why would anyone do something like that for me?” I think that's such a powerful reminder that many people have no idea about what God's Word actually is and especially the gospel. Even people who call themselves Christian! And after that experience, I think I will be a lot more confident and urgent in sharing that gospel message with others.

Rebekah Stahmann

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