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HOPE || Irmo, SC

Pastor Aaron Robinson, Samantha Evans, Anne Rasmussen, Jason Wagner, Ryan Wenzel || Kingdom Workers Volunteers

My trip to Irmo, South Carolina was very inspiring for me! We traveled to Hope Lutheran Church to assist in their Vacation Bible School. When we arrived on Saturday, the pastor explained that there were 83 children enrolled in VBS with over 1/3 of them not involved with the church. Every day during the week of VBS, we taught them a lesson from the Bible. We engaged the children by acting out the Bible story after teaching it. It was amazing to see how much the children enjoyed and remembered the Bible stories! On the following Sunday, many of the children returned to sing the songs they learned in the church service.

I feel that the children learned a lot about God over the week of VBS, and I know that the seed of faith was planted! Hopefully many of these children will return and grow in God! Overall, I feel that it was a successful trip and made a big impact on both the community of Irmo, SC and me.

Thank you for the experience,

Ryan Wenzel

On Monday, the four of us woke up and were ecstatic to start our week of VBS! Once we got to the church we waited patiently for the first kids to show up.

After the first children had arrived, we went into the sanctuary to talk to the kids. The sanctuary was the place we did our openings and closing for the entire week. Once all the children arrived we were able to start our day!

We taught many Bible stories throughout the week. Jason and Ryan stayed with Pastor Robinson doing skits on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while Annie and I went with one of the groups. On Tuesday and Thursday Annie and I did the skits while Jason and Ryan went with the orange group.

The orange group went to the science experiment and crafts first. At the science experiment we had them learn a new Bible passage each day.  After they were done with their crafts, they ate snack and then we would go to outdoor activities. We would tie in the activity with the Bible lesson.

After being outside we would come back into the sanctuary. We would learn the Bible lesson through the skit and afterwards the kids would learn a new song with Pastor Zahn's wife, Miss Jessie. Once we learned the song, everyone would meet up in the sanctuary for our closing ceremony. We would review the Bible verse and lesson and then practice the songs we learned. To end the day we would say a prayer together as a group. Then we would take the children out to their cars and see them the next day.

We invited all the children to come back on Sunday and sing in front of the congregation. We had a good number of kids show up but it was not all of them. I loved working with the children and telling them about what Jesus does for us everyday. I hope to do more mission work throughout my life!

 Samantha Evans

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