Lamb of God, Lafayette IN

Lamb of God || lafayette, IN

by Kingdom Workers Volunteers at Soccer Camp

I think that helping with Kingdom Workers was the greatest.  Not just for my spiritual life, but for the kids’ spiritual lives and for our physical lives.  It helped my physical life because with helping the little kids I became more mature mentally.  It helped with the kids spiritual lives because they became closer to God and His Word by being around good influences. -- Jamison Heyn

My experience with Kingdom Workers was great. I liked how Pastor Nick led a devotion for all of the kids at the soccer camp every day. I also liked how Pastor Nick connected God's Word to the game of soccer during the devotions. I had a great relationship with the kids. This camp was a great way to help Lamb of God. Doing this camp also helped me share God's Word with others. I would love to help out with something else like this again. - Joshua Cullens

I had a great experience helping out Lamb of God Church. It was awesome to teach kids about God while playing the game of soccer. It's always an amazing experience helping the community and the Lord. If I had the opportunity, I would do it again. - Tony Zuniga

My experience with Kingdom Workers was really good. I got to have a lot of fun with the kids at soccer camp and helping out with the devotion during break time and singing. I really had a good time developing relationships with all the people at Lamb of God. I would love to come back next year. I had a blast. - Kyle Gould

It was an awesome experience overall to serve. It was really cool to be able to help with the spreading of God's Word in another community. Many relationships were made and even more were strengthened. It was awesome to serve God in such a unique way. - Cole Richter

This was a very fun and awesome experience. I really enjoyed helping plant the seed in a place I have never been to before. Seeing kids grow in faith is quite a wonderful thing. My favorite part had to be creating new relationships with everyone involved. - Nate Yazdani

Being able to be a part of a Christ-centered soccer camp with over one hundred kids was a great experience. Not only did these kids learn basic soccer skills, but they also got to learn about Jesus at the same time. It was great to get to know these kids and be able to teach them about two different types of things. The best part was knowing that it was the first time some of these kids got involved in learning about Christ and it was great to advertise Lamb of God Lutheran Church to the parents of the kids. - Austin Blumenthal

Christ is the way, the truth, and the life, and that's really what this soccer camp was about. Overall, it was a great experience. It's always a great thing to be given the opportunity to teach others about Christ and what He's done for us. I had a great time and developed good relationships with the kids and because of that I hope I will be able to do this again. - Trent Biesterfeld

This experience was an amazing way to help Lamb of God Church, teaching kids about God and about soccer. It gave me a chance to reach out to the community and spread God's word through the sport of soccer. The children were amazing in each of their personalities. Each had an open mind to learn more. Also, I was able to create a relationship with the kids. I hope to do this again as many times as I can. - Omar Esparza

Our week of soccer camp at Lamb of God was an incredible experience. As a chaperone, it was amazing to watch how excited my high school students were to share their faith and love of soccer with the campers. I think it was also a fantastic experience for them to see what life is like in a mission congregation and the importance of using the Gospel to reach out to the community. While we were in Lafayette, my students were so driven to give the church and the kids everything that they had. I think it was an experience that will change the way they look at the world. Opportunities are everywhere to tell others about God's love. This experience gave them the courage to take advantage of them. - Matt Linton

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