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christ || lodi, ca

Morgan Weyhrauch, Samantha Ely || Kingdom Workers Volunteers

We left Minneapolis, MN, and flew to San Francisco, CA. Pastor Guy and Linda Marquardt and daughter Holly, from Christ, Lodi, CA, greeted us at the airport. Once we arrived at the Marquardt’s home, we started planning for vacation Bible school soon after.

On Sunday, the next day, we attended worship service. It was great to meet many of the congregation members. We were also commissioned by Pastor Marquardt to teach their vacation Bible school. This was a special moment. We felt very welcomed overall!

We then decorated the church based on this year’s theme - “Camp Discovery- Jesus at Work through Us.” We transformed the church’s fellowship area and classrooms into a camping theme. We turned the couch into a boat and a cabinet into a tree, set up a tent, and added various other decorations as well. We also planned our activities and lessons for the first day of VBS.

Monday was the first day. Last year, eight or nine children attended the VBS. This year, however, the registration kept growing until we had 19 children in attendance! It was a blessing to be a part of the VBS growth!

VBS went from 9 to 11:30 a.m. each day. We began with Luther’s Morning Prayer. Then, the children heard a Bible story and even acted out part of it as well. Next, the children learned a new song. They broke into two groups to do some classroom work. During this time, we went over the VBS leaflets that were provided. This helped the children get a more “in-depth” understanding of the story. We asked questions about the story and about how the story could be applied to our lives.

After the small groups was the “Bible Challenge.” During this time, the children looked up the Bible verse of the day and  read it out loud, and then put the words in order using pieces of paper given. We also used a song that included actions to learn the Bible verse. We usually included a few more examples or demonstrations relating to the Bible verse and story for the day.

Next, we had a snack based on the theme for the day. This was followed by crafts and games Finally, the day closed with the hymn, “Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow."

God was definitely working through all of us to help us have a successful VBS! Overall, the children are so eager to learn, attentive, and happy to be at VBS. This was so rewarding to see each day! We will definitely miss all of the wonderful people we have met during our time here. However, we are thankful for a great week and the opportunity we had to spread God’s Word to others. 

-Morgan and Samantha

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