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cross of life || mississauga, on, Canada

Nathan Koerber, Nicholas Zank, Nora Raube, Nora Stake, Derek Gulrud || Kingdom Workers Volunteers

Our soccer camps have always served two purposes...One - we teach soccer skills to children and help them to improve their game with quality coaching and encouragement. Two - We share something even more important: the message of hope we have in Jesus.

Our soccer camps are real soccer camps, with to quality coaching, a professional clinic, a great coach-to-player ratio, a lot of games, skills, drills, and fun with the kids. And once a day, we gather them together and use the game of soccer to teach them a lesson about a God who loves them.

- Cross of Life website -

My mission trip was an extremely good experience. Everybody was happy that we came to help run the soccer camp. One cool story I can remember is this girl named Faith came to camp day 1 and broke her arm, but she just kept coming back because she loved it. Later the pastor from the church told us that Faith and her family would like to see more of the church and might possibly want to join. This story could've went extremely wrong, but through God, it went extremely great. Overall this trip was a great experience and I would like to go back in the future.

- Nicholas Zank -

Volunteering through Kingdom Workers in Mississauga for the Cross of Life Soccer Camp was one of the best experiences of my life. From the minute we arrived, the love shown by the congregation was amazing and the attitude of everyone involved with the camp was never anything less than extremely positive. It is very easy to see that the members are more than a congregation, they are a family. This showed throughout the week the camp was run. All of the kids remembered the messages of God's Word shared and always went home with smiles on their faces as did all of the volunteers. It was easy to see the love and generosity shown by every person there to the kids and to the kids' parents. I pray that all of the kids attending the camp left thinking about going to Cross of Life on Sunday mornings. It was truly an amazing experience and I would love to do it all over again next summer.

- a Kingdom Workers volunteer -

My trip to Mississauga was incredible. I made unforgettable memories, and met amazing people. The connections I made there will last in my memory for, probably, my whole life. When I think of a specific moment of my mission trip that reminded me that I was doing something good, was a story I was told by a  fellow coach. She was walking one of our campers back to his car. When she asked him what his favorite part of camp was, he said it was the Bible message, because now he knew that he was forgiven for all the bad things he had done. It melted our hearts, and reminded us that we were making a difference in these kids lives.

- a Kingdom Workers  volunteer -

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