cross of glory ||Peoria, AZ

by Elizabeth Mariscal, Kingdom Worker Volunteer

Every day at VBS I would help Steve teach each group of children the two songs they had to learn, and also the Bible passage of the day. I loved making up the actions for the Bible verse of the day because I have to do that in dance, so I really enjoyed that. The songs we taught them "Big Bold Powerful God" and "We Love Because He First Loved Us" got stuck in everyone's heads after the first day, and everyone had fun with those actions. The people in the congregation, students and adults, were so welcoming and talkative that there was never a reason to feel nervous. We share the same faith and the same God which made our conversations so easy.  At the Nabers’ pool party I talked to more students and adults and got to know everyone much better. Still today I keep in contact with some of those students.

Other fun memories were getting to know Angela, the woman helping with the nursery, and dancing with her and her kids to the Bible songs everyday! She had a smile on her face even when times got slow during the day! Also it was super fun getting to know pastor and his two children, Eden and Adam! We played games with pastor the first day after his pool party and hung out with Eden later! Our host family was unbelievably nice!!! They were so welcoming I never wanted to leave the Jeffers! Mrs. Jeffers was an amazing cook, and Brianna and I loved our conversations with Mr. Jeffers. Also the last night we stayed at the Hiles and they were the nicest people! We traveled with them to Sedona, and they made the experience much more enjoyable with more memories to cherish!

Altogether I had a blast on this mission trip and getting to know the congregation! I will never forget the song "Big Bold Powerful God" and will never forget the people I met! Thank you Kingdom Workers and everyone for letting me have this experience!

Thank you and God bless,

Elizabeth Mariscal

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