Deer Valley|| Peoria, AZ

Deer Valley Lutheran ||Phoenix, AZ

by Claire Zarnstorff, Kingdom Workers Volunteer

God has the power to provide. God has the power to heal. God has the power to comfort. God has the power to forgive. God has the power to love. These facts were the main focus at a VBS program that I volunteered for last summer. What a comfort to hear these being taught to children so far from where I am taught the same things! During my volunteer opportunity, it was such a joy and comfort to see that there is continuity  in the teaching of God's Word. Not only did these facts bring me strength in my walk with God, they also brought comfort to these children.  Many of the children that attended  VBS did not always have the assurance that each day they would be in a loving home or have loving people around them. Knowing that God loved them and could comfort them, brought more assurance to them, that they were loved and cared for even if they didn't see that in their daily lives at home. I pray that the one week they spent with us will encourage them to continue to seek out God's comfort and love. I also hope and pray that this will encourage others to volunteer and bring comfort to young hearts that truly long and thirst for God's love and comfort. 

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