Bethany | Port Orchard, WA

Bethany || Port orchard, WA

Althea Lewis, Josanne Lewis,  Urvin Lewis || Kingdom Workers Volunteers

Our first week in Port Orchard was engaged in a camp setting at Lutherhaven. Josanne and Urvin were cabin leaders and had to make sure all their requirements were met.  I was mainly focused on Bible class which was taken from Daniel chapter 3 where I had the opportunity of teaching three different groups of classes to children ages 10-14.  Also, I was preparing my group of children ages 9-10 for a skit pertaining to this chapter of “The Three Men in the Fiery Furnace.” It was truly a blessing to see the children so involved in reading, asking questions, and also responding to answers in the story. It was a blessing for me to be able to volunteer in this way.                             

Our next week at Tacoma was a vacation Bible school camp which ran from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.  This was more like a regular school setting where the children did indoor activities to include Bible stories with activities and the afternoons were mostly engaged in playing different types of games and sports. On the last day parents were invited to see their children sing songs that they learned and closed with a barbecue.Thanks for the experience and opportunity thus far.

- Althea Lewis -

Camp fire, storytelling and star walks.  Stories are read every night to all campers by volunteers.  And every night two cabins will go out before bed time to watch the stars in the dark.  Scary but exciting.

On the July 10, 2015 a group of three, two teenagers and a chaperone, left their country of Antigua and Barbuda to travel over nine hours to Port Orchard, Washington for three weeks.  No one knew what to expect but we did go in faith.

On our arrival at the airport in Seattle, we were picked up and taken to our host house in Port Orchard where I was dropped off and the two teenagers went to Lutherhaven for preparation of the camp and vacation Bible school held by Bethany Lutheran Church and vacation Bible school in Tacoma held by Faith Lutheran Church.

The camp officially opened on the July 12, 2015.  As the adult, my responsibility was to teach Bible class to children ages 9-14 years and to do a skit with children ages 9-10 years on the final day of camp.  The teenagers helped with other teens from Port Orchard to supervise a group of 80 children. It was truly a blessing to be able to spread God’s Word with others in a different environment and country as quoted by the teens. 

The children were so amazed, for most of them their first time hearing about God’s Word and were able to take part in a skit about The Three Men in the Furnace taken from the book of Daniel, chapter 3.  . In today’s life we are faced, at times, with all sort, of negative temptations and just like these three men, once we put our trust and have faith in God he promises he will deliver us out of these negative circumstances.

It was truly a blessing to see the children were so involved in reading, asking questions, and also responding to answer in the story. It was also a blessing for me to be able to volunteer in this way. At both vacation Bible schools, the teachers of the school lead with the teaching. We assisted in crafts, indoor and outdoor activities, and snacks.       

We would like to thank Kingdom Workers, our home church (St. John’s Lutheran in Antigua), and our host families in Port Orchard . Also to the Lutheran Youth for Christ and leaders and all those who assisted in fundraising to make this trip a blessing.

- Althea Lewis -

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