Mighty Fortress, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Mighty Fortress || Red Deer, Ab, canada

by Conifer Berg, Kingdom Workers Volunteer

Our mission here in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada has been awesome so far. We have been doing lots of prep work for the massive soccer Bible camp that the church does. We had the opportunity to canvass in the surrounding neighborhood yesterday. We knocked on some doors and tried to interest people in the church. It is a comfort to know that we do the work of talking to the potential believers here, but God is the one who works through the power of the gospel in their hearts. We also have gotten to meet the entire church already considering they are very small in number here. But they are a model congregation in their love for each other. I am touched by how much this congregation feels like a family of believers and I have met a handful of inspiring people already here. I love that we are also able to start almost every day with a Bible Study with the pastor. It really helps me get motivated and refocus on my sanctified life as a Christian role model as well as on sharing Jesus' love with others. We have not started the VBS or soccer camps for the kids yet. But they're coming up soon and we are getting really excited to work with the kids and spread God's word in that way! We ask for continued blessings on our work and prayers that God may create avenues for his gospel to work in here in Red Deer.

Conifer Berg   

When we had our first camp at St. Paul, Calgary, about 30 kids came and we had a blast. (About 25 kids were non-members. most of which were not Christian.) It was an all-day sports camp, with basketball in the morning and soccer in the afternoon. We led practice, games, music, performed skits, had devotions, and shared the gospel message. It was just the right combination of sharing the gospel and having fun while learning skills for basketball and soccer.

Most of our conversations with the kids were about sports, but some kids asked about what a line meant in our song, and I explained what it was. For example, one child asked what we mean when we sing "Now we have a greater goal." I said that it is our goal to please God by believing in him and spreading his Word to everyone in the world.

I had a long conversation with the father of a child whose wife was the campus pastor at a Bible college. He and I exchanged some words about what our churches believe and practice. It was a great opportunity to witness my faith to another believer.

Joel Westenberg

It was great getting to do work in Wetaskiwin, Canada. Joel and I organized and ran a couple stations for the vacation Bible school there. The congregation is small and so around 20 of the 30 to 35 kids that came to the VBS were not members. And 10 of those were unchurched. The week long VBS was a great success. I felt that the kids learned about Jesus as their Savior and also had a fun time. I ran a station called Bible challenge in which I got to apply the Bible story for the day to the kids lives. We got to talk a lot and also do a fun activity with them to illustrate the theme of the day. The theme of the whole week was "Jesus is at work through us", and the VBS was called camp discovery. Joel had Bible story time with the kids where he actually read them the Bible and had them act out the stories to better understand them. The two of us got a lot of chances to share the gospel and set good examples for these kids who maybe have never even learned anything about God's word before.  It was a real blessing to get to work with the kids and we both loved the experience.

Also, during our time in Wetaskiwin, I had the opportunity to take charge of a station at the vacation Bible school called Bible Challenge. I shared with the kids important truths of God's Word and tried to get them thinking about how they can make God's word relevant to their lives now. One of my lessons was about Deborah and so I was talking with 4 and 5-year-olds about people God places in leadership roles in our lives. We talked about how God works through these people to provide for us and how we can be good leaders and Christian role models too. But at the end of the lesson came the coolest moment that really just made me want to jump up for joy because I realized that these 4 and 5-year-olds actually knew and understood what in the world I was talking about that whole time. I always closed with prayer with the kids, but that day, I decided to ask if there was anything that the kids wanted me to pray for, I was not expecting any sort of response of course...but all of a sudden one little boy jumped up and shouted, "Pray for my mommy!" And then all the other kids were like "Pray for my mommy and daddy too!" And it was so awesome because it was right after we had talked about what role parents have in your life and how God gives them wisdom to do what's best in your life. And these kids all wanted to pray for their parents after hearing about that. And so we prayed for our parents, that God guide them and protect them, give them wisdom and peace. And it was awesome!

Conifer Berg

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