Reformation || San Diego, CA

reformation || San diego, CA

Kingdom Workers Volunteers || Megan Lemke, Jade St. Germaine, Elise Rosenbaum, Heidi Moldenhauer

It was amazing to see the amount of work done by so many volunteers to make Reformation Lutheran's VBS possible. It was inspiring to see over 80 volunteers pull together to proclaim the gospel to over 200 children! As a crew leader it was humbling to see the impact on the young souls at the VBS. It is incredible to witness the Holy Spirit working through the volunteers that God blessed with so much patience and willingness to serve.

Jade St Germaine

We led crews between the ages of 6-12 around to the different stations at Reformation Lutheran's VBS. We watched our crew members grow in God’s Word and were able to encourage them in everything they did. At Bible Expeditions, we learned about the Bible story for the day. On Thursday, the theme was ‘God has the power to forgive.’ We talked about Jesus dying on the cross to take away our sins. Every person in the room went up to a cross and dipped their thumbs in a bowl of red paint. They wiped the paint on the cross while saying sorry to Jesus for their sins. When our crew members returned to their seats, we told each of our crew members individually that Jesus loves them and forgives them. It really touched our hearts to tell each child that Jesus loves them so much that he died to take away their sins.

Jade St Germaine and Heidi Moldenhauer

Before heading to the Imagination Station where we connected science projects and crafts with the Bible message for the day, we led the children into church. During this time we interacted with the parents which helped increase our confidence in talking to adults. We also saw many parents take flyers for Reformation Lutheran School. On Friday, one mom came up to us and asked us about the preschool. At the end of VBS that day, we connected her with the Director. We pray that she along with others will choose to send their children to Reformation. It was humbling to be a part of the outreach, where we saw firsthand the effect of the gospel being preached. To God be the glory!

Elise Rosenbaum and Megan Lemke 

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