Christ Our Savior || Sterling, VA

christ our savior || Sterling, va

Allison Dorn, Julia Barthels, Philip Schroeder, and Nathan Wong ||  Kingdom Workers Volunteers

This summer three of my good friends, a group of Michigan Lutheran Seminary kids, and I volunteered at Christ Our Savior, in Sterling Virginia. We were "coaches" at the sports camp, teaching them soccer, flag football, basketball, track and field, kickball, and how Jesus is our MVP. We had kids from the ages of 4 to 12, many of them were only 6. It was a little hard keeping their attention while we were playing some games, but it was a lot of fun. Some of these kids had never played any of these sports, so it was very cool getting to see them learn and succeed by the end of each day.

The area we were serving has a lot of kids, it is actually where you find the largest population of children in America. It is also very diverse, many different cultures were all around us. Pastor informed us that one in every three houses the parents will not speak any English. He told us this right before we went out canvassing. I was only a little nervous. But while we were canvassing it was amazing how kind and welcoming everyone was, even if they didn’t speak English or weren’t interested in the camp.

When Monday came, we had 14 signed up, but we ended up with 19 kids! They all had huge hearts, they loved talking about their family and getting to know all of us. Out of the 20 we had by the end of the week, only two of these children were members of Christ Our Savior, yet everyday at devotion they paid more and more attention to what our coaches were telling them about Jesus. Getting to see the Holy Spirit work in their hearts was honestly the best part of the whole camp.

The congregation helped us immensely. They had everything ready for us including our sports field, lots of canvassing and they helped prepare a ton of ideas for us to use for camp. The congregation is small, and it takes a lot of help to run a camp like this, along with hosting the 11 people that came from MLC and MLS. I appreciated the work the church put in for us, I pray they succeed in their mission, and continue to spread the word to all the people around them.

Allison Dorn

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