Living Word, Waukesha WI

Living Word || waukesha, Wi

by Kingdom Workers Volunteers at Soccer Camp


I was very impressed by the actions of our teens and the way they shared God’s Word with the participants through drills, warm ups and in everything they did.  I also had the privilege to lead a devotion this week and was most impressed with the kids that asked questions.  This meant they were engaged and learning about God’s Word!   Living Word was a fantastic host and had great things to say about our teens and would like to have them back again.

The best part was the skit during devotion as we had "actors" pretend to be B.L.Z. Bub and the kids would have to shout..

Bub be gone

Bub be done

Jesus died

The victory is won!


Bub then runs away...

-Mike Nichols  

As a leader, during Living Word Lutheran Church’s Bible soccer camp, I was able to spread God’s word through Bible trivia in between games.  I looked forward to each opportunity to spread God’s saving message to the young children while acting out Bible stories and singing. It was fun seeing the kids shout out Christian cheers while practicing their soccer skills. Lastly, I liked the time spent with Christian friends. -Noah Nichols

I have learned new things on this mission trip. I have learned that you can talk about God anytime, anywhere-as we did in the park. I enjoyed seeing the smiles on the faces of all the kids while they learned about their Savior. My faith has grown through this opportunity as I saw kids learning about Jesus in a fun way. This was a unique experience because it was my first mission trip and will prepare me for future mission trips. -Collin Liesener

Through the sport of soccer, I have seen many kids grow in their faith and hope that they will spread the gospel to all of their friends. This has been my first mission trip and through my experiences I have had tons of fun. I hope to do many more mission trips in the future. My faith has grown tremendously during this experience. The moment when kids are inspired by God’s word is a really cool moment. -Grant Egelseer

This past week I have been helping Living Word Lutheran Church in Waukesha, Wisconsin for a Bible Soccer Camp. The experience has reinforced my desire to become a teacher in a Christian high school. I have grown tremendously through this experience because I’ve learned to put God first in my life always and not some earthly material. I really enjoyed coming to soccer camp every day this week and seeing the smiles on the kids’ face while they learn about their Savior in a fun way. This was a unique experience because through the game of soccer we taught the word of God in a way that the kids will remember and hopefully will stick with them forever. -Tyler Oestreich

As a leader I was able to come closer to the children and spread God’s word to them. This mission trip is helping me as I think about whether I want to be a Christian teacher and consider how I can serve God in the future. These were a great group of children and I surely will remember them and sharing God’s word with them.  -Justin Liesener

As a leader on this trip, I learned how much (just) sharing a little bit of gospel can go a long way. When we compared soccer and God’s Word, it not only helped the kids but I think it helped me as well. I learned that it really makes everyone think about just how easy it is to share God’s Word and how much it can affect a person’s life. I really enjoyed the camp and I think it is an experience that I will have forever.   -Joshua

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