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Abiding Savior || Weslaco, tx

by Megan Moll, Collin and Logan Beier, Isaac and Lukas Heckmann, and Isac Veers, Kingdom Workers Volunteers


This was an amazing week filled with serving God's Word, practicing my leadership, teaching, witnessing, and getting to be in fellowship with a great congregation and great volunteers. For our VBS we did Camp Discovery, a fun camp-themed VBS focusing on how God works through us. We had the help of Pastor Wagenknecht and his family, as well as a youth group from Holy Word in Austin, TX. I am so thankful for the amount, as well as the quality, of volunteers that came together to do this VBS.

 I, myself, taught the Bible stories in Treetop Storytelling, a fun and rewarding experience. I got to serve all of the groups, Pre-K to 8th grade. All of the groups had fun and I saw, as the week continued, just how well the VBS kids remembered the stories and lessons from the previous days. One of the amazing things was when I heard how much the oldest group really enjoyed acting out the stories. On the first day I had them read through the Bible story and discussed it with them, thinking with their age group that they would prefer a Bible study rather than a dramatization. The next day, though, I had them act it out, which they did quite well and grasped the points of the Bible story even better. I even overheard one of them say they hoped to act it out again the next day. It showed me that in ways you do not expect children can learn and enjoy the activity when it's learning about our God and his Word.

I also really enjoyed having the Austin group there; they gave us the man power and extra help we needed to truly perform to the best of our abilities. Besides having fun together, we were able to come together each day in fellowship and discuss our best parts of the day and how we felt God was working through us, as was the theme of our camp, each day during the VBS. I also enjoyed watching Cathy this week, a young girl with disabilities, who came and was such a great help to our VBS as well. She interacted so well with the younger kids and picked up the songs so quickly, and was such a great reminder of the faith we must have, faith like a child's that believes without doubt and rejoices in every opportunity to praise God. I hope to have more great opportunities and experiences to enjoy and to maybe make my way back to Weslaco sometime soon to reconnect with the great people I met.

 Thank you for this great opportunity,

God bless,

Abby Schneck 

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My favorite part of helping with VBS has always been learning the songs. Not only are they really catchy, but these songs help the kids to remember the lessons they learned and experiences they had during VBS week. At the beginning of the week the kids were all staring blankly at the videos, maybe mumbling a few verses here and there, but by Thursday everyone was up on their feet singing and doing the actions. On the last day, as we were sitting down after singing our theme song for the week, one of my preschoolers turned to me, smiled, and exclaimed "That was awesome!" How awesome that so many kids found joy in praising God!

Emma Schneck

This was such an inspiring experience for me. It was awesome to see how many kids came to VBS. They all were so excited to hear about God's Word. During this week I kept thinking back on Matthew 19:14-15 during the week. "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." 

It was such a blessing to be able to be able to teach the children about Jesus. Some of them might not have ever heard about Jesus' love and salvation before VBS. It is something that I will hope to have the opportunity to do again.

Savannah Brooks

My station at VBS was Bible Challenge. Each day I challenged the kids to learn a memory verse in the form of a song. The song really helps the kids to remember the verse because it is really catchy and easy to memorize. This video is of me and my co-leader leading the song in front of all the kids after VBS that day. 

Jessi Lillo

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