Holy Word || Austin TX

HOLY WoRD  || Austin, TX

(March 5-13)

Kingdom Workers Volunteers: Winnebago Lutheran Academy students and faculty members

We went door to door, handing out bags for a food drive, which helped to get the congregation's name into the community. We also passed out flyers for the Easter for Kids event and the Easter services offered. It was a blessing to find out that there were more people at both of these than ever before. Someone had even called the pastors the same day that we started handing out flyers to ask about finding a church home. It was all very encouraging.

I have never been very shy and still was very encouraged that I could start conversations about my faith with complete strangers. I hope that this mission work will allow me to be more bold to share my faith with everyone I meet.

The food drive was an awesome outreach idea. I will share this concept with future congregations that I belong to. It helped to get the community involved, as well as sharing God's Word.

- Abigail Mildebrandt -

This experience enabled me to not be afraid to walk up to strangers and share God's Word. Before the trip I was a bit skeptical about approaching a stranger's home, and even a little embarrassed, but by the end, I saw what a big impact it made on a lot of people.

- Marsden Steinhilber -

We went to a restaurant where the employees and customers spoke Spanish and very little English. I speak very little Spanish, so was not very successful communicating with the employees. One of the team members was taking a Spanish class and able to make our request. The employees agreed to hang our posters, which were in English and Spanish, in their window. If it were not for the volunteer team, we would not have been able to advertise through that local business.

- Staff Minister Chad White -

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