Gloria Dei || Belmont CA

gloria dei || BELMONT  CA

(June 16-26)

Kingdom Workers Volunteers: Alyssa Tessmer, Amelia Stone, Elise Matthies

My first experience working with Kingdom Workers is one I won't soon forget. The love and care that the staff and congregation of Gloria Dei was a wonderful thing to witness.The VBS itself was something I've never seen before. I heard every single day from the kids how they couldn't wait until next year, or how they couldn't wait until they were old enough to help out. The Word of God has been deeply rooted in their hearts. I pray that it continues to grow.  Next time I will recruit friends to go.

- Elise Matthies -

We primarily helped with a Bible camp the whole week. So we had opportunity to tell little children about Jesus. Specifically, I got to assist one of the teachers with the three- and fou- year-old group for one of the days. It was great witnessing the kids connecting the introductory story  and the Bible story.

- Amelia Stone -

I was privileged to help Gloria Dei with their Barnyard Roundup VBS. Throughout the whole week, I had opportunity to tell the kids about Jesus and his unconditional love.

One day I was leading the main lesson station, teaching the parable of the prodigal son. A group of older girls started asking insightful questions about God and his Word. It was so encouraging! I knew beforehand that quite a few of the children were from different churches or did not attend church at all. Hearing them dig into God's Word and try to further their understanding helped me see firsthand the Holy Spirit at work! I can't wait until the next mission opportunity!

- Alyssa Tessmer -

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