Beautiful Savior || College Station TX

beautiful savior || college station, tx

(March 23-28)

Kingdom Workers Volunteers: Natalie Anderson, Kaitlin Lamb, Quan Hang, and Ayla Baewer 

Vicar Marquardt at Beautiful Savior asked me a really good question, "Why did you choose to come to College Station?" I thought for a minute, then answered.

"Because I'd never been to Texas before, the position description said musical abilities were encouraged, and because I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone." Boy, did I go way out of my comfort zone.

The four of us on the mission team were asked to canvass. We handed out 22 boxes full of 250 little invitations each (a total of 5,500), first by sticking invitations in the doors, then by ringing doorbells and personally inviting people. It was terrifying but totally worth it. This small congregation who had less than 30 people at the Thursday and Friday services was blessed with an attendance of around 300 at the Easter service!

It was so humbling to see how God was at work in this city through our small group. Easter in the Park turned out beautifully, and my heart was filled with thankfulness to God and to those who made this trip possible. Seeing how well the service turned out made me happy to endure the pain of walking around 40 miles. God blessed me with the ability to help this congregation and the residents of College Station, and I am so glad I could. I will never forget the work and fun that came from this trip.  

- Ayla Baewer -

I had a wonderful experience in Texas and it was great to watch my faith come to life as I served the Lord with my team members. It was my first mission trip and also my first time in Texas, so everything was a completely new experience!  

I enjoyed walking around in the beautiful state and getting to talk to so many people as we were canvassing. I was encouraged in my own walk with the Lord as I brought a smile and the hope that I have in my heart to their doorstep. We met a variety of people, and I especially enjoyed our time knocking on doors and personally inviting people to the Easter service.

The church service Easter Sunday was beautiful and showed us that all of our hard work paid off.  Several of the people that we had left invitations on their doorstep came to the service in addition to many others, which was such a rewarding feeling knowing that in our small way, we contributed to God's great work.

I also will never forget talking to a sweet elderly woman after the Easter service- she told us a little bit about herself, and we shared some of our story. She told us to always think positive; she radiated true joy and happiness that only God can give.

Although I left Texas with a sadness in my heart that I would be leaving behind the new friendships that we had made with Pastor Schoeneck and his family and getting to know my team members better, I also left encouraged and empowered to continue sharing God's Word with a world that desperately needs to hear it.  

- Natalie Anderson -

When a mission trip opportunity popped up I knew that I just had to go. Anything to grow in my faith. I had always dreamed about going on a mission trip and helping others bring God into their lives. The next thing I knew, I was on a plane headed for College Station, Texas, to help spread word of their Easter service.

We mainly did canvassing while in Texas. We walked many miles in a day and placed invitations in people’s doors. While doing this, every now and then a person would be outside, and we got to speak with them and tell them about the coming service. But, the last day, when we knocked on doors,we really talked to people.

I always went to public school, so any mention of God was usually shut down or people would make snide comments or give me dirty looks. I was surprised to find that everyone was so pleasant and nice when we told them about the Easter service. The first time it felt weird to say, “We want everyone to know that Jesus has risen.” Then when the person responded kindly, it felt good. The whole entire time I tried to focus on God and to keep telling myself that this is for God and it is my job as a follower of Christ to spread his word.

This first mission trip was inspirational and it brought me closer to God in a way I didn’t know was possible. I am so incredibly blessed to have had this opportunity to serve God on a higher level. Especially with the three friends that shared this journey with me. I cannot wait to go on another mission trip and help to spread the Word of God!

- Kaitlin Lamb -

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