River of Life || Goodyear AZ

river of life  || Goodyear, az

(March 4-13)

Kingdom Workers Volunteers: Emily Huiras and Halla Kitsmiller 

I went to Goodyear, AZ, for my first mission trip. There we hung flyers and asked people if they would like to check out River of Life. We did hundreds of houses and walked well over 15 miles. It was all worth it though because we got one man to come and hear the gospel the following Sunday. We also had Easter for Kids. The kids played games, painted, and learned about Jesus. It was a great experience and I feel closer to God.

- Halla Kitsmiller -

This mission trip was a great learning experience. First, I learned how to canvass, which I have never done before. We canvassed as well as hung flyers most of the days. These flyers promoted the church, promoted the Easter service for kids and overall shared God's word. This experience advanced my communication skills and allowed me to break open my shell.

My host family was so nice and a blast to be around. Towards the end of the week, we held and Easter for Kids program. With only two volunteers, we had nine kids in the program, which was larger than the group of five last year. I got to spread God's Word to the children and was the craft coordinator, including God's Word in a craft.

Overall, this was a great experience and I would go back or on another canvassing experience.

- Emily Huiras -

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