Water of Life || Las Veges NV

water of life || las vegas, Nv

(March 4-13)

Kingdom Workers Volunteers: Amanda Diel, Caitlin Doro 

Day One: We set a record! At the Creation for Kids event at Water of a Life, Las Vegas, we had a record high of 90 students come to participate and hear about the creation story. Of those 90 students that came 2/3 were not members of the church. The creation story was presented as a reminder to many, but also a new seed of faith was planted in many more students.

For some this was the first time hearing about their Savior. We pray to God that these children become witnesses and tell their parents the lessons and stories that they have learned.

In the hymnal we will find: "If you cannot speak like angels, if you cannot preach like Paul, you can tell the love of Jesus, you can say we died for all." It does not matter the age you are to be a witness and spread the Word of God. This is why I love spreading the Word of God to little children. They bring so much excitement and love to tell others what they have learned.

Day Two: Today was my first time canvassing. Our canvassing efforts covered 12 new housing developments along with the distribution of flyers to three large existing developments.

The hard and devastating thing about canvassing is the rate of rejection and the fact that you do not see immediate results. To everyone who opened the door we gave a line of gospel: "We hope you come and celebrate Jesus victory over death and the hope and joy we have as a result.” Even if they rejected the invitation the seed of faith was planted.

God is truly the one in charge and knows when the time is right. God surely blesses our canvassing work, but may cause us to wait until we see results so we remain humble and know he is the one in charge.

Amanda Diel

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