Cross of Life || Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

cross of life || mississauga, ontario, canada

(July 2-9, 2016)

Kingdom Workers Volunteers:  Brittany Bradstreet, Caitlin Seastrand, Jordan Lacy, Jackson Gray

During my time at Cross of Life, I worked with 7 to 8-year-old kids and I definitely bonded with a group of kids. It was also great having some of the kids from the neighborhood ask me why the message from the Bible was important and being able to tell them about what God has done for them. They then took that back and shared it with their parents. We then had opportunity to talk  with the parents, as well. Some wanted to know more about the church and planned to come the next Sunday. That was a pretty cool experience!

- Jackson Gray -

This soccer camp is an incredible opportunity to reach so many people in one place! I wish I would have started volunteering with Kingdom Workers a long time ago! Such a great opportunity and experience! Here I am, send me!

- Caitlin Seastrand -

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in soccer camp this year! I am truly grateful for the experience, and couldn't believe how much fun and enjoyment I had from working with the kids all week!

I was so so anxious and afraid about volunteering that week. I worried about how I was going to get along with the kids and face the heat all day. I felt SO overwhelmed the Sunday night before soccer camp, it was draining and I really doubted myself.

Pastor's devotional message on day one resonated with me and really calmed me down! After that, I felt like I had all the energy in the world and I knew that I was helping to do God's work and there was NOTHING to be afraid of! It's like all my worries just melted away.

That week taught me that I shouldn't let my fears get in the way of me doing the things I want to, because with Jesus by my side, I really have nothing to fear!

- a Cross of Life member and volunteer -

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